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🌞☀️ This summer, Poppy Loves Devon ☀️🌞


Summer is nearly here - and so is the next in the crazy cream adventure series, Poppy Loves Devon.🌞

The timing couldn't be better. As we embrace summer, Poppy embarks on another crazy cream adventure, only this time it's spent on the Devonshire coast.

Whilst soaking up the sun - hopefully - but the British summer is never predictable 🌦️😎 - readers can enjoy Poppy's summer holiday with her family, the Robinsons.


Whereas in her last book, she met a lot of animals both friendly and scary at a safari park, this time she stays at a farm and comes across just as many friendly and curious creatures. Yes some are trying - very trying - and others are friendly. However, there is one in particular who catches her eye. That someone is Samson, the border collie.

Handsome. Majestic. Intelligent. Oh so perfect, Samson.

border collie
Samson the Border Collie

Meet Samson.

Samson belongs to the Briggs family at Buttercup Farm. He is a working border collie, not a pampered pet (like Poppy). He works long hours with his owner, Colin Briggs. Yet to Samson, this isn't work. He loves being out on the fields with his owner. He loves controlling the sheep. He loves pleasing Colin. Samson doesn't have time for friends.


The moment Poppy sets eyes on the handsome border collie, she is smitten. To her, he is everything that personifies perfection. He runs like an athlete. He's agile, lean, muscular, graceful. He's confident and clever - so very clever. He can control a flock of sheep while Poppy struggles to keep up with a rabbit that's helping itself to Mom's plants.

Poppy wants to be like Samson. She wants to impress everyone like Samson does. But more than anything, she wants him to notice her.


In Poppy Loves Devon, she tries everything she can think of. Does she succeed? Well, I can't give too much away, but all I can say for now is that from June 28th the answer will be revealed.

Speak soon,

G xx

Poppy Loves Devon is out on June 28th 2022.

Children's book, called Poppy Loves Devon on the seashore
Poppy Loves Devon

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