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Gillian Young, Author

Gillian Young was born and raised in Worcestershire, UK.

She's enjoyed writing stories since a very young age. One of her earliest memories is writing plays for her family, which she'd then perform with her friends who lived in the same cul-de-sac. Happy days!

Following Art College, Gillian worked as a Graphic Artist. She worked in local schools when her children were born. Her children were huge fans of Beatrix Potter, and Gillian spent every day reading the same stories over and over until she decided to write her own. These stories starred her children and their pet dog. This was to be the beginning of her writing career.

Following a shock cancer diagnosis, Gillian's focus shifted towards becoming an author. She continues to work towards finding a 'new normal.' Despite her serious illness, she's realized that physical and emotional recovery takes time and adjustment. However, she believes that, if possible, it's better to turn a negative into a positive. Even though there are things she can no longer do, her passion for writing remains unchanged. Looking back, she wonders if this was a nudge from up above, telling her to pursue her undying passion...writing and illustrating stories.

The Legend of Childer’s Forest is the third in the Crazy Cream Adventure Series and is her fourth book.

Gillian lives in Worcestershire with her family.

Gillian x

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