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When her beloved dog, Tammy, dies, Hannah is devasted. But Tammy is also confused.
Why can't anyone see her?
Why can't anyone hear her?
Then a puppy called Willow arrives and changes everything...

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"This is a beautifully written book that should be in all middle school libraries."  NetGalley review.

The Crazy Cream Adventure Series

Poppy's a crazy cream retriever - greedy and a bit spoilt, but oh-so loveable!
When her family visit a Safari Park she's determined not to be left behind. But, Poppy's lost, surrounded by wild animals. Some are nice, whereas others are...


"The author really brings the character of Poppy to life and children will love following her adventures ."  Amazon Review

Poppy Loves Devon is the second in the Crazy Cream Adventure Series. Following on from Poppy on Safari, the pampered life of this crazy cream retriever is turned upside-down when she discovers a lost puppy whilst on holiday with her family.

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"A great story of friendship and love with our furry friends." Amazon review

Poppy the golden retriever returns with her younger sister, Devon, in another crazy cream adventure.

When a family of rabbits are driven from their home, Poppy and Devon make it their mission to help.

Their quest takes them to Childer’s Forest, the site of ancient and mysterious events. So, when the safety of their human brother, Jack, is also threatened, Poppy and Devon call on the famous Legend of Childer’s Forest for help.

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"I love how both Poppy and Devon persevere to find solutions and don’t give up hope when faced with numerous challenges. "   @YeahLifestyle

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