Poppy x

Bushby the elephant's sisters from Poppy on Safari

Not everyone in the story is friendly

Meet a rather bad tempered ostrich from Poppy on Safari

Poppy and food - one of her favourite things!

So the story begins...

Once upon a time...

Poppy's number one fan

Isabelle reading her book to Poppy

(this is another Poppy - it can be pretty confusing!)

Poppy's furriend, Iris, enjoying her book

(one of our best friends which we've made on Instagram)

Bauer and Hudson love the book too!

Proud to present, Poppy on Safari!

Poppy and Devon

The crazy retriever girls

Surrounded with copies of her book

Here's Poppy's furriend, Poppy with her very own copy

That look says it all

(hurry up and start reading, Mom!)

Poppy Chapter FIVE

Poppy Chapter 15

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow...

This forest is our second home.

It is one of my favourite places

where I do a lot of my thinking...

It's so quiet and peaceful

Sometimes it feels like you're in another world

This is where I like to relax...

and where the dogs love to play

I just love that blue sky!

the forest is a place where a lot of my inspiration comes from

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