Amelia and her dog, Sophie  Becky's friend's daughter
poppy loves devon book (2)
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Poppy x
Proud to present, Poppy on Safari!
Not everyone in the story is friendly
Poppy and food - one of her favourite things!
Chp 41
Bauer and Hudson love the book too!
Surrounded with copies of her book
Chp 27
Paws chp 8
So the story begins...

Once upon a time...

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Oliver and Olive
Poppy and toy
Willow the pup_edited
Copy of Willow and Ringo chapter 14_edited
Tammy and Willow
Willow in her prime
Poppy's number one fan
Isabelle reading her book to Poppy

(this is another Poppy - it can be pretty confusing!)

Poppy's furriend, Iris, enjoying her book

(one of our best friends which we've made on Instagram)

Poppy Chapter FIVE
Poppy Chapter 15
It is one of my favourite places
Sometimes it feels like you're in another world