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A day at Elberry Cove

Hello there 👋

Today was Devon's first visit to the beach 🐚

We went to the stunning Elberry Cove in Devon.

We've been there many times before with Poppy. However, Poppy always refuses to go into the sea.

There were quite a few dogs at Elberry Cove today, not to mention a family tucking into a delicious looking picnic. So, it was decided it would be best to keep our goldie girls on their leads.

Poppy was quite happy chillin on a rock, in the sun, snuffling amongst the pebbles.

Meanwhile, I took Devon to the waters edge where she wadded into the water, brushing her nose across the rock pools and seaweed. Unlike Poppy, the waves didn't bother her. Infact, she seemed to take it all in her stride. And then we saw him...


There was the most handsome brown and white border collie. Now, I love collies. Before our goldie girls we had border collies. This one was very well trained. Focused on it's owner and the tennis ball, it leapt into the sea and retrieved the ball before obediently dropping it at it's master's feet.

I was so impressed! 😍👌


With some work, I'm sure Poppy and Devon could master this. Although, retrieving from out of the sea would be a challenge for Poppy our water-hating retriever.

But today, it was that look in Devon's eye. Eyes narrowed. Chest out. Tail very still. Devon was interested in only one thing. The tennis ball.

I knew that if I unhooked her lead she'd be after the collie's tennis ball and no doubt would claim it within seconds. Would the collie mind? I wasn't sure and wasn't prepared to find out!

Devon the retriever pup with her eyes on the prize 😍

See how alert she was? She really wanted that ball and it's not as though she hasn't got enough of her own...

But, as always, we had a wonderful time at Elberry Cove. It's a completely unspoilt little cove with stunning views. There are no arcades, burger bars or gift shops. Just a pretty, treelined footpath - although a bit steep - which leads down to the beautiful pebble beach. On a windy day pebbles is so much better than sand. If there's one thing I dislike it's getting sand in my eyes!

Elberry Cove is a short walk from Broadsands where there is a fantastic beachfront restaurant/cafe where they serve the best chips! 🍟😍

Unfortunately, the stretch of sandy beach is not dog friendly but it is a lovely spot. We've spent many happy days there when the children were little.


I'd recommend Elberry Cove for dogs and their owners and I'd definitely recommend Broadsands for families. On a clear, calm day, we used to take our children kayaking there - they loved it.

It doesn't seem that long ago but my babies are now 18 yrs and 16 yrs. Both now tower over me!

It's scary how quickly the years fly. So, it's moments like these that I savor and treasure. I'm thankful to have made another cherished memory.

Speak soon 📚🐾

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