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Bob The Bear's Adventures. Book Review by Gillian and the girls 📖🐾

Gillian reading Bob the Bear's Adventures, to 'the girls' Poppy and Devon 🌸

Today’s the day I post my review of Bob the Bear’s Adventures by Alice Chambers. Thank you, Literally PR, for inviting me to join this book review tour and also, thank you, Literally PR and Alice Chambers, for my signed copy in exchange for my honest review.

It makes a refreshing change to read a picture book. The cover alone is both cheerful and colourful. In today’s world of doom and gloom, I looked forward to some lighter reading with Bob the Bear’s Adventures and getting to know this adorable character.

Alice Chambers.


Alice Chambers has always loved little ones and went to Teacher’s Training college, after which she ran a kindergarten and taught six-year-olds in West London. Alice started writing children’s stories over 43 years ago, including a book called Scratch McPatch and Sniff McWhiff.

Bob the Bear's Adventures is dedicated to Alice’s husband, Bob, who wore glasses and loved wearing his waistcoats. Now Alice is a Nanna and loves being with her grandchildren Elliot and Zara. Bob the Bear was created after Alice knitted a large bear with a waistcoat and glasses for the children to play with.

Bob the Bear's Adventures, on a Teddy Bear's Picnic 🐻


Bob the Bear tries to hide in Alice’s garden but is always discovered… and seems to love climbing more than hiding! Please join Bob the Bear on his hiding expeditions and see if you can find him! He will surely bring a smile and a giggle for both little and big ones when playing hide and seek.


This is a lovely book and a joy to read. It’s filled with full-page photographs of Bob the Bear in all his hiding places – some good, others not so 🙂

Bob the Bear’s Adventures is an ideal story for little ones. I can imagine a parent sitting with their child/children at bedtime or just enjoying some quality time together, engaging in the funny antics of this adorable bear and seeing if they can find him hidden amongst the beautiful, colourful photographs.

I love how the book reads as though the reader is talking to Bob, the Bear. He is a charming and likeable character full of personality and charm. This is a quick and easy book to read and follow and perfect for a few fun moments with our children, grandchildren, nieces or nephews.

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