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Book Launch Coming Up!

November 28th 2020 🎉📚

The countdown begins...

Unfortunately, it's coincided with Lockdown number two, but hey-ho what can we do?

The important thing is to remain safe and well because, I mean, without our health what have we got?


Originally, at the beginning of the year, I'd spoken to Nick at Wyre Forest Books about a book launch.

That would have been wonderful; my first ever book launch in a bookshop! - but there's always next time...

However, the good news is, Nick will be stocking copies of my new book: TAMMY AND WILLOW.


What's the book, Tammy and Willow about?

I shall include a summary of the story at the end of this blog. I shall also add one of the adverts I've put together - hope you like it!


It can be pretty overwhelming when, after months - years even - of hard work, your long awaited and much loved book is due for release.

Where do I start?

What should I do?

What shouldn't I do?

What's the best advertising platform?

and then there's the big problem - how much would all this cost?

There are so many blogs, books, websites, courses all on sales and marketing and, to be honest, after reading just a few, it felt like my head was about to explode!


For me, the important thing is to enjoy every minute.

I feel very lucky to have people around me who I can call upon for help and support.

I'm no agent or publisher. I don't have years of experience in sales and marketing. However, I do love what I do - writing and drawing and writing and drawing...


I love books and I love talking about books. It's a passion and it's something I just can't switch off from.

When I'm walking the dogs, watching television, shopping, travelling - you name it - an idea will spring to mind.

My mind is constantly in creating stories-mode.


Already, I have a draft completed for my third book. It's a sequel to POPPY ON SAFARI.

I won't give anything else away, not even the title because no doubt that will change over the next few months!

Like my previous two books, it's one that I've thoroughly enjoyed working on. It was started and completed during lockdown back in March - June 2020. This story bought a much needed break from the worry surrounding us all about COVID and protecting our family from it as best we can.


I'm now working on the drawings and a second draft of the manuscript. I don't know how well received book number three will be - but I hope many will enjoy it as much as me! All I know is that this feels right.

I always go by my gut feeling. Instinct. That's because, over the years, I've learned that to ignore it is a big mistake.

In the past, I've ploughed on, despite a niggling feeling which made me feel uneasy.

I knew something wasn't right, but instead of listening to my instinct, I chose to continue - and later regretted it.

That's why, I like to think I've evolved over the years. I've learned from my mistakes. I listen to my instincts.

And right now, one of the only things that feels right is to write books. It makes me happy gives me a sense of purpose and also a feeling that I can actually do something!

If someone was to ask me what I'd do now if I wasn't an author do you know what I'd say?

I'd say that I have absolutely no idea! 🙂


Stockists 📚

TAMMY AND WILLOW is out on November 28th

It will be available from all main online bookstores.

You'll also find it listed on:


I love following Indie Bookshops on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. I follow quite a few.

I enjoy seeing what books they're promoting, which authors have visited their shop and what fantastic activities these shops are hosting. Unfortunately, COVID has put pay to this for the time being, but Steve, from Nantwich Bookshop sent me a link to their shop at

I recommend anyone who loves books or who is looking to buy a book for someone as a

Poppy (notice her very own Christmas Tree decoration?!)

Christmas present, visits this site.

Most of the profits make go to helping and supporting local, independent bookshops and authors.

I know I'm biased, but there are many people out there - young and older - who enjoy reading or being read to.

So wouldn't a book be a perfect gift for someone this Christmas?


Just picture it...

It's a cold, windy night. The rain is beating against the window and the wind is howling down the chimney.

The logs in the burner are snapping and spitting as the fire rages. The room is nice and warm and, thanks to the fire, is also filled with a cosy glow.

There you sit, curled up beside the fire, a glass of wine - or whisky - or sherry - or beer - or fruit juice - or tea - or coffee - or, even better, hot chocolate and marshmallows, is by your side as you read your new book.

As you turn the pages, you're hooked on the story, or maybe it's not a story but a biography? You're immersed. You're in the zone. You're relaxed. You're contented - and most important of all - you're happy 🙂

Stay safe and well my friends.

Gill and her golden girls.🐾

A descriptive account of my new book, Tammy and Willow:

Hannah Taylor and her border collie, Tammy, have a special bond. They’ve grown up together and practically know each other’s thoughts.
When Tammy suddenly falls ill and dies, Hannah is devastated and wonders how she will ever cope without Tammy.
But life goes on, and Hannah must face a new year at high school. With the help of her parents and best friend, Lorna, she falls back into her routine. But Hannah misses Tammy so much that she loses interest in everything, even the famous summer fayre which grips the village in a whirlwind of excitement every year.
Meanwhile, Tammy is struggling to work out what is going. One minute she is very ill, the next she wakes from a deep sleep. She feels great, the best she’s felt in a while, but there is one big problem – she can no longer be seen or heard. It’s as though she no longer exists. What’s happened? What's this limbo she’s suddenly found herself in? And then there’s this strange light that seems to be following her…
As always, Tammy wants to be there for Hannah, but now all she can do is stand by and watch as her dear friend tries yet fails to cope. Tammy feels powerless. How can she help when no one knows she is there? She feels angry and frustrated. Just what can she do?
But then a cute, fluffy collie pup called Willow comes into their lives. Hannah cannot help but grow fond of this little ball of black and white fluff, and because of this Tammy now has a glimmer of hope. This pup is no ordinary dog; she can actually see Tammy.
Does this mean that Tammy has now finally found a way of communicating with Hannah to bring back the happy girl she knew and loved so much?

Enjoy! 🐾


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