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Book Review by Gillian and the girls 📖🐾

Pure Spirit by Wendy Sheffield.

Gillian and the Goldie Girls

It’s an honour to have been asked to open the book review tour for Wendy Sheffield’s Pure Spirit. This is Wendy’s second book, following on from Spirit Writer.

Thank you to both Wendy Sheffield and Literally PR for my copy of Pure Spirit in exchange for my honest review.

Before I begin, though, let me tell you a little about Wendy, followed by the blurb:

Wendy Sheffield


Twelve years ago, Wendy's spiritual journey started after a dream. In the beginning, she had a lot of questions but so few answers. As time passed, she learnt to shut out the hustle and bustle of the outside world, and to her surprise, Wendy found she could hear the answers to all of her questions. She has also found that since she has been training to be a healer, this also has improved her connection to spirit; this book is the result of her improved connection.


What is Spiritwriting?

Spirit Writing is also known as Automatic writing and psychography. It's where a person with psychic ability allows spirit to use them as a writing tool using either a pen, word processor, typewriter, planchette or any other such writing device.


Pure Spirit by Wendy Sheffield


Pure Spirit is made up of pure, unadulterated inspirational messages from the world beyond. The author uses her mediumistic ability to communicate to her readers what she hears and feels from the spirit world to help people who don’t have spiritual gifts to have a greater understanding of spiritual existence. She takes you by the hand and guides you, helping you to understand the purpose behind each message. To enable you to be better equipped to come to terms with the past and prepare for the future with clarity and with love.

You may be wishing you could communicate with a loved one, or you might have a heavy heart, wondering which way to turn and feeling the need for upliftment. Pure Spirit aims to help you consider the bigger picture so you can appreciate that what you sometimes consider to be a boulder in your way is, in fact, only a pebble on the beach of life, which needs to be rubbed gently to show its lustre in the coolest and purest of waters.


Pure Spirit is a relatively short book and took me just a couple of days to read. It’s composed of a series of messages conveyed to Wendy through spirit, using her mediumistic abilities. Each message has its own chapter, breaking the whole book into easily digestible nuggets of advice and information.

From chapters entitled, In memory of my dad, The Sea of Life, Previous Lives, Spirit Wants To Speak To You, to, Do Animals Have Souls? These are fascinating topics which I enjoyed reading and have often wondered about in the past.

The messages that Wendy shares reminded me of a pack of Angel Cards which I’d bought years ago – only with Pure Spirit, there is much more information. These messages bring comfort, and encouragement and also, if the reader is not necessarily looking for any guidance, they are messages which are interesting and enjoyable to read.

I find the ‘unknown’ a fascinating topic. I’ve never believed in coincidences and strongly believe in fate. Having experienced bereavement myself, I find it comforting to believe that our loved ones have moved on and not simply ceased to exist. However, there will always be a certain degree of scepticism – thanks to fraudsters out there, many will remain doubtful of communication from the spirit world. I guess we’ll never truly know for sure until our time is up. I’m 95% sure that there is a spirit world, and reading Pure Spirit is the closest I’ll get to communicating with those on the other side.


For anyone interested in the afterlife, spirit communication and inspirational messages from beyond, then Wendy Sheffield’s book is for them. I personally found the book motivating and enjoyable, not to mention enthralling.

My rating:


Until our next review, see you later and happy reading!

Gillian and the goldie girls 🐾


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