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Book Review by Gillian Young and the girls 🐾

Updated: Dec 14, 2022

Today's book review: Spirit Writer by Wendy Sheffield.

Reading in the forest with Gillian and the girls 🐾

Hello 👋🏼 I hope everyone is having a great weekend!

Today is my spot on the book review tour for Wendy Sheffield's debut book, Spirit Writer. This is a book which delves into communicating with those in the spirit world. This is a subject which has long been an interest of mine so when I was given the opportunity to review Spirit Writer, I jumped at the chance.

Before I begin I just want to thank Literally PR and Wendy Sheffield for my copy of Spirit Writer in exchange for my honest review.

Wendy Sheffield

Book Blurb

Spirit Writer is the author's first book which is a true story of how her grandmother came back to help her overcome a difficult time in her life, and to help her come to terms with her spiritual gift of being an automatic writer, channelling messages from the Spirit World. Discover how Spirit made her believe in their presence, and finally convince her of their existence. Learn how they inspired her to write about subjects which they believe are misunderstood, such as near-death experiences. The message the Spirit delivered to the author was clear, they wanted her to remember her whole spiritual journey so that she could help others with theirs. On her journey, she discovered the Leslie Flint Trust, who kindly allowed her to use a fascinating account of Harry Price about ghosts and spirits.

Spirit Writer, by Wendy Sheffield.

My Review.

Spirit Writer is a wonderful insight into how the world of spirit can work with us. Wendy Sheffield shares her story – and what a captivating story it is.


From her personal struggles with relationships and bereavement to her experiences and enlightenment attending Spiritual Church. We learn through Spirit Writer that life does go on, that death is just another door we go through – a journey forward.


Having experienced the pain of losing someone close, I found Spirit Writer comforting, reassuring and also fascinating to read. It's hard to let go when someone close to you passes away, but reading this book gave me hope and comfort to think that they are still 'there' but in another form/level/plane/world. This whole topic is one of life's biggest mysteries and reading Wendy's book has given me a deeper insight. As the great Jonathan Edwards once said:

"There’s no such thing as coincidence."

After reading this book, I began researching Harry Price. This is always a sign that I've enjoyed a book - when I begin researching more information! If like me, you are unfamiliar with Harry Price, this is what I researched - in a nutshell:

Harry Price: The Original Ghost Hunter (1881-1948) was a psychic researcher and famous for his investigation into the Haunting at Borley Rectory, which was, at the time, hailed the most haunted house in England. He successfully exposed a number of mediums as fraudsters, such as spiritual photographer William Hope and mediums Helen Duncan and Eileen Garrett.

In 1926, Harry Price set up the National Laboratory of Psychical Research.


I'd like to thank Wendy Sheffield and Literally PR once again for my copy of Spirit Writer. I look forward to reading Wendy’s next book, Pure Spirit.

My rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐


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