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Book Review: The Monster from the Depths of Time : Book 3 of The Book of Mysteries Trilogy, by Maree Church.

The Monster from the Depths of Time. By Maree Church

Today's review is the concluding episode of the Book of Mysteries Trilogy written by Maree Church. I've recently discovered that Maree and I have a lot in common, and two of these are that we're both Dog Moms and both enjoy writing children's books which feature our fur babies 🐶📚 I've read most of Maree's books, including her debut, Dog Days In Italy : How I Became an Expat Dog, and I've enjoyed them all. The Monster from the Depths of Time is her latest book and marks the end of the Book of Mysteries Series (or does it??) I've enjoyed reading this trilogy and was keen to find out if Book Three would be as good as the previous two.

Maree Church


Maree Church is the author of Dog Days in Italy: How I Became an Expat Dog, a quirky memoir of her twenty-year love affair with Italy, the homeland of her grandparents. The Book of Mysteries: Grimstone Mansion is her first middle-grade fantasy. Before starting her writing career, Ms. Church wore many hats (and she has left them in restaurants all over Italy). She has been a business consultant, small business owner, wine importer, English teacher, and slave to many pets of all types. When she isn't writing, she's taking care of her dogs, baking bread, working jigsaw puzzles, keeping in touch with doggy friends on social media, or preparing for visits from her son and his three young boys, who inspired this book. She lives in California with her husband and two crazy pups.


The boys, Lizzy, and the dynamic canine duo are back in their greatest adventure ever. And yes, the reluctant Charlie needs to save the world again.

A monster from the depths of time, destined to destroy all of humankind, was hidden away by the evil wizard Malcontent. Now it’s up to Charlie, Rafe, Dash, Lizzy and the pups to find and destroy the monster before the wicked witch Drusilla or a cabal of evil wizards can find and control it. Join the adventure in this the third and final book in The Book of Mysteries Trilogy. An action packed, fun read for the entire family.


The Monster from the Depths of Time concludes the Book of Mysteries Trilogy. Like the previous two in the series, it was an action-packed, fun read.

The Monster from the Depths of Time begins with the story of brother and sister, Titus and Esmeralda Wilson. Titus is an inventor, and while working on a time machine, he accidentally transports them to a fantasy world called Feyborn. This is an amazing place, filled with no end of fascinating creatures, from Centaurs to Werewolves, Wizards and Witches, and Unicorns and fairies. It’s a place that reminded me of Narnia. Titus and Esmeralda are looked after by a white wizard – a character who reminded me a lot of Gandalf/Dumbledore. Titus works on his time machine in the hope of he and his sister returning to their home and family on Earth. But, an evil wizard called Malcontent ruins their plans resulting in Titus being attacked and turned into a werewolf.

Many years later, Drusilla, an evil witch and old comrade of Malcontent’s returns. She is in search of the evil wizard’s secret weapon, The Monster from the Depths of Time. So begins another adventure where brothers, Charlie, Rafe and Dash return in the hope of finally defeating the monstrous witch. The brothers are joined once more by their cousin, Lizzy and the dynamic canine duo, Dino and Mia.

I won’t divulge too much – although I am tempted! But all I will say is that for anyone who enjoys action, adventure and fantasy stories, then The Book of Mysteries Trilogy is for them. It’s a mix of Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings and The Chronicles of Narnia, all rolled into one.

Thank you, Maree Church, for sending me a digital copy of The Monster from the Depths of Time in exchange for my honest review. It was a pleasure to read and a satisfying end to a brilliant trilogy.


I'm currently reading The Long Way Home, another fabulous book by Fran Clark and the third in the Island Secrets series. Here is a little taste of what's to come:

"An unexpected meeting sets Rose on a path to love and future happiness. When family secrets and even the forces of nature stack against her, the way to a happy-ever-after slips away.

On the West Indian island of Dominica in 1889, Rose was abandoned by her father Antoine on the day she was born, after her mother Nanette died in childbirth. Rose’s mixed heritage makes her an outcast to both of her parent’s families and she grows up with an adoptive family without a true sense of her identity.

When Rose turns sixteen, she meets the poor but charismatic sailor Raphael and a romantic connection blooms, only to be put on hold because of a tremendous hurricane.

Employed by wealthy widow, Elise La Fleur, Rose develops a close friendship with her. But when Elise accuses Rose of stealing her beloved locket, Rose’s world is thrown into disarray.

Can the locket be the key that unlocks her past and the secrets of her birth?"


See you next time for my review of Fran Clark's The Long Way Home.

Until then, Happy Reading!

Gill x

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