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Disgusting Justin. Book Review by Gillian and the girls. 🐾

This week's book review is a children's picture book written by Justin Frank. I'd like to thank Justin for requesting my honest review of his debut children's book and for my copy of this wonderfully illustrated book.

It's always a joy to read children's fiction. As you know, children's fiction is a love of mine - which is why I write in this genre!

When Justin contacted me asking if I'd be interested in reading his book, I agreed in an instant.

Before I begin my review, here's a short author bio followed by the book blurb.

Justin Frank.


Justin Frank is a British born Aussie. A proud family man whose son's laughter inspired him to write his first book, Disgusting Justin.

Justin loves to write laugh out loud stories that make kids howl with laughter.

With more books on the horizon and a sequel planned as a junior fiction novel, the premise behind the Disgusting Justin character is something children can grow up with through the ages.

Disgusting Justin, by Justin Frank and illustrated by Lesley Vamos


This children's book is a humorous story following the transformational journey of a funny kid 'Disgusting Justin', whose gross antics backfire spectacularly on him.

Through his transformation, he inadvertently learns how to make people laugh hysterically through slapstick humour, resulting in him transforming into a laugh-out-loud fails legend.

A side-splitting picture book designed to create special story time memories, bonding parents and children through the gift of laughter.

Complimented by hilarious illustrations from the brilliant mind of the amazingly talented Lesley Vamos.


It's impossible to read this book and not laugh/giggle/smile. This rhyming picture book follows Justin with his disgusting antics, which all have one simple intention - to make others laugh. His constant drive to make others happy leads to him doing the most disgusting things 🤢🤣

This harmless, funny story will have parents and children laughing out loud. Be warned, though, some of his antics are pretty gross. 🙈The fabulous illustrations by Lesley Vamos compliment the story perfectly. I found myself laughing at the pictures as much as the story 😄

My son would have enjoyed this book when he was 6-9 years old. I remember his hero at the time was Horrid Henry by Francesca Simon. What is it about boys and their love of all things disgusting - especially farts (the word alone leads to fits of giggles!)

I'd recommend this book to boys and girls alike. It's fun and guaranteed to make you laugh - even when having a bad day.

Thank you, Justin for inviting me to review your debut book, Disgusting Justin. I look forward to reading more of your books in the future.

My rating:


See you all soon when I'll be reviewing -

  • Pony. R. J. Palecio's latest middle-grade children's book.

  • #IsHeHereYet Self-help, motivational book written by Dr Tony Oretega.

Yep, there's a bit of a mixture in genre there - and that's just how I like it 🙂

Gill x


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