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Emma and Bob by Ágnes Horváth: Book Review by Gillian Young and The Girls

Emma and Bob by Ágnes Horváth

Today's book review is Emma and Bob by Ágnes Horváth. I like books that provide good sound advice on the trials life throws at us. We all have moments when we wobble and feel uncertain, anxious and afraid. Sometimes there isn't always that someone to comfort, reassure and advise us, and that's when books like Emma and Bob are a godsend.

Emma and Bob Online Book Review Tour


You are perfect and wonderful just the way you are! And the key to your life is in your hands. Don't know what that means? You can live a joyful and full life. You can calm your emotional storms and the thoughts swirling in your head. You can find deep peace even when you are hurt or grieving. Don't know how? Let the story of Emma and Bob guide you.

Emma and Bob: A holiday that reveals the miracle of life. By, Ágnes Horváth.


I've read a lot of books like this, but I can honestly say this is one of the best ones I've read yet. It's a gentle story about a sister and brother, Emma and Bob who holiday with their gran. During the holiday, they make friends, help a baby deer and learn much from their wise gran who gives them precious lessons and advice on what life throws at us. In this book, Ágnes Horváth tackles sensitive and painful experiences such as grief and anxiety, with sensitivity and uses methods which can easily be incorporated into the reader's lives. These methods are what councillors advise, and what books specialise in, yet in Emma and Bob, it's conveyed within a beautiful story which gives examples of how to put these methods into practice. This is a book which will help anyone of any age, not just children. I loved this book. Its message, its advice, is priceless and something which can be returned to whenever life throws us another hurdle to climb.

Thank you LiterallyPR Brown Dog Books and Ágnes Horváth for my ARC in exchange for an honest review.


The Hampton House Mystery, by: Ellen Alexander

Just because the gangs away on summer vacation, doesn’t mean the mystery solving stops…
It’s the end of Emma’s sophomore year at Dinswood Academy, and that means only one thing: summer vacation! “Glamping” sounds exciting and Emma can’t wait to join Martha and Sebastian’s families at a local campground, especially when she learns that Doug will be joining them.
When Emma and the gang hear about a local legend, they are intrigued. According to the story, a family mysteriously disappeared twelve years ago and rumor has it that the abandoned house is haunted. When the teens learn that Hampton House is near their campsite, they decide to investigate—unaware that danger lies ahead.
Join Emma and the gang as they search for answers, racing against time itself. If you enjoy The Crime-Solving Cousins Mysteries, Nancy Drew, or The Goonies, then you’re sure to love (or the readers aged ten to fourteen in your life) the exciting action-adventure mystery series The Dinswood Chronicles by Ellen Alexander.

Until next time, Happy Reading!



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