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Enlightened as Hell. Book Review by Gillian and the girls 🐾

This week's review is Enlightened as Hell by Dr Tony Ortega.

Gillian and the girls 🐾

This book is packed with excellent advice and is guaranteed to have you giggling as you turn the pages.

Thank you, Dr Tony Ortega and Literally PR, for sending me an arc in exchange for my honest review.


As well as children's fiction, I enjoy reading self-help books. One of my favourites is Feel the Fear and do it anyway by Susan Jeffers. Up until then, I hadn't paid much attention to books in that genre. But, since then, and especially since reviewing books for Literally PR, I've discovered many fantastic books providing sound advice which is easy to put into practice during our day-to-day life. These are also great reference books to go back to whenever we experience the odd 'blip.'

So, when I was invited to join the book review tour for Dr Tony Ortega's book, I didn't hesitate. The blurb hooked me, too, and this I shall share with you, but before I do, here's a quick author bio.

Dr Tony Ortega. Author of Enlightened as Hell.


Dr Tony Ortega is a clinical psychologist with 30 years experience and the author of multiple self-help books. His passion for helping others began at a very early age. He always knew that no matter what he did, he wanted to be of service to others. Once he knew that such a profession existed, he had a goal for his life path.

In 1992, Dr Ortega began work as a mental health professional in a residential women’s drug and alcohol rehabilitation centre. Since then, he has worked for inpatient, outpatient, residential, managed care, and private practices, including working with patients with substance abuse issues, mood disorders, severe and persistent mental illnesses, traumas, and LGBTQI+ issues. He currently serves the LGBTQI+ community from his private practice in Brooklyn, New York, combining cognitive behavioural techniques with active coaching and metaphysical principles in his work with clients.

Dr Ortega is also the creator of the Be The One Movement: Inspiring People to Show Up, Take Charge, Live Free, and Be the One ( He has also just achieved his lifelong dream of creating his own comic book series, The Accords ( - a team of seven heroes from all walks of life, who are in - and allies of - the LGBTQI+ population. It is based in modern-day America and incorporates spiritual themes into the super-heroics.


This book is easy to follow and filled with aspects that many – if not all of us – can relate to at some time or another. Dr Ortega gives guidance and advice, all of which make perfect sense and make one see things differently.

From acknowledging your ‘victimiser’ (as Dr Ortega calls it, aka the ‘chattering monkey’) to the dangers of comparison and listening to one’s instinct/gut feeling - Enlightened as Hell covers the lot. There is a wealth of advice in this book, not to mention it’s so funny!

Dr Tony Ortega has a wicked sense of humour which is a welcome balance to a topic which can be pretty heavy. I’m probably the only one who’s never heard of RuPaul(!), but the quotes from him and others are crashingly sharp and straight to the point. They speak sense and, in one sentence, sum up what many of us out there struggle with.

This is the most enjoyable, memorable and funny of all the books I’ve read in this genre. It’s far from boring, preaching and full of fluffy comments about love. Instead, it’s written in a language that resonates and relates and left me on many occasions thinking: OMG, that’s so true!

Thank you, @drtonyortega, for this eye-opening and thoroughly enjoyable book, to @LitPR for the arc, and for inviting me to join this book tour.

My rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐

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