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Forward After Fifty. Book Review by Gillian and the girls 🐾

This week's review is Forward After Fifty, by Rebecca Ronane.

Gillian and the girls 🐾

Hello again, and thank you for joining us for another book review.

When I read the title of this book, it instantly struck a chord with me. When I read Rebecca Ronane's author bio and the book blurb, this only cemented my decision: THIS IS A MUST READ !!

After reading Forward After Fifty, I realised that both Rebecca and I have a lot in common. Rebecca definitely knows her stuff, and that's clear when reading her book.

Before I begin by including a brief author bio and book blurb followed by my review, I must thank Literally PR and Rebecca Ronane for my copy of Forward After Fifty in exchange for my honest review.

Rebecca Ronane, author of Forward After Fifty.


Before turning her attention to success after 50, Rebecca worked in travel. She dedicated over twenty years to a company she thought she'd remain in until retired. That wasn't to be - and is a familiar story to many of us. Now, Rebecca is a writer, business coach and founder of Network Provence, a successful networking group. She lives in the south of France with her husband and her dog, Myrtle.

Rebecca describes herself as having an endless curiosity for life. She is an avid learner and explorer, saying that: "Everything I've ever done has been a new adventure. I thrive on a challenge."

Three major life challenges happened after she turned 50. However, instead of sinking, she chose to swim.

"I know that anything is possible for women who want to move forward after 50."


What are you telling yourself about being over 50?

The story you tell yourself will inform the life you're creating.

Change your mindset. Reclaim your superpowers, stop people-pleasing and embrace ageing after fifty and beyond. Women over fifty are a force to be reckoned with. This book will convince you and the rest of the world that opportunities are plentiful for you and that it is possible to reinvent your life and how people perceive ageing.

Rebecca Ronane embraced her reinvention journey after fifty when she chose to feel empowered and unstoppable. Rejecting the negativity surrounding ageing, she set up a coaching business, and now in her mid-sixties, she's written this debut book.

Instead of fearing ageing, reframe your mindset as it's time to become a Rising Reinventer.

Here's to your Reinvention!

"A rising reinvention is a new way of looking at age and oneself with pride and excitement. Generate and regenerate, not degenerate." Rebecca Ronane, Forward After Fifty,

Rising Reinventors, as featured regularly throughout Forward After Fifty,


Forward After Fifty is the book I needed back in 2015 when my life went pear-shaped. It's so easy to think that at 50+ (or, in my case, 45+), you're washed up, and too old to start again. Through school and college, I worked hard to achieve the relevant grades to make a good foundation for a career. Only when reaching middle age, BAM! I lost the job I loved through no fault of my own, and suddenly it felt like I was left on the scrap heap. Does any of this sound familiar to you? There are many others out there, young, energetic and ready to take on the world, and that's great, but what about those of us who have been there, done that and still have so much more to give the world?

Reading Forward After Fifty is a wonderful book that shows the reader that there is so much we can do regardless of age. Forget the old misconceptions that once reaching a certain age, our life is over. Rebecca Ronane is a perfect example of this. She reinvented herself and, as a consequence, is happier and more contented than she's ever been.

If like both Rebecca and me, the reader finds themselves having to reevaluate their life following life-changing circumstances such as health and career, then this book is a must-read.

I found chapter six, entitled Career Reboot, especially motivating. I so needed this eight years ago! Then there's the old gem - People pleasing. Yes, there are so many of us out there who are guilty of this. It's not selfish to think about your own feelings. You matter too!

If you haven't already guessed, I loved this book. It's inspirational, motivational and packed full of excellent advice. This is a book I shall read again and again.

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