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Gillian's Book Review: Bob the Bear Visits the Beach, by Alice Chambers

Bob the Bear Visits the Beach is the second book I’ve read by Alice Chambers. Her debut, Bob the Bear’s Adventures follows this loveable character as he plays Hide n Seek around Alice’s garden. This next book takes us to the beach – perfect for little ones this summer or, even better, on a summer’s holiday down at the beach.


Alice Chambers has always loved little ones and went to Teacher’s Training College, after which she ran a kindergarten and taught six-year-olds in West London. Alice started writing children’s stories over 43 years ago and her previous book is Bob the Bear’s Adventures.


Bob the Bear loves to play in the sandpit in Alice’s garden. When Alice offers to take Bob the Bear to the beach, he is overjoyed. Come to the beach with Bob the Bear and see what mischief he gets up to. He is sure to bring a smile and a giggle for both little ones and big ones when he plays on the beach.


As with Alice’s debut book, Bob the Bear’s Adventures, this is a lovely story accompanied with wonderful full-colour photographs. This story also introduces us to Bob’s cute little brother, Benjamin. I love how funny and entertaining Alice’s books are. They are perfect for young children to enjoy listening to Bob’s adventures and also to engage with the story. The gallery of photographs at the end of the book perfectly recap what happens and opens up to a fun conversation with the children and their storyteller about the joys of spending a sunny day at the beach. Thank you so much, Alice, for inviting me to review Bob the Bear Visits the Beach. I love how much fun you create within the conversation between the storyteller and the story’s characters. I hope many more Adventures of the brothers, Bob and Benjamin Bear, will follow.


23/06/2024 Meli and Mac: Rendez-vous with a Flamingo.

My next review is another wonderful picture book called, Meli and Mac, written by Elena Joannides and illustrated by Margherita Ende.

"It's expedition o'clock!" cries Mac, putting down his French book. "Expedition Supervisor ready!" replies his sister, Meli. Adventure isn't far away when they stumble across a lost flamingo who speaks French. Can they help Freddie find his way to the flamingo festival of the year? Join Meli and Mac for some flamingo fun in Serendipity Forest - and use the translation guide to learn a little French along the way! Get ready for an expedition of a lifetime with the first book in the Meli & Mac series!

Gill x

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