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Gillian's Book Review: The Incredible Adventures of Timmy, Molly and Jack, and the Space Travelling Microwave. By David Wade.

The Incredible Adventures of Timmy, Molly & Jack, & the Space Travelling Microwave. By David Wade

The Space Travelling Microwave is the first in David Wade's The Incredible Adventures of Timmy, Molly, and Jack series. Children’s fiction is a particular favourite of mine. I love adventure, escapism, and humour, and judging by the title, I guessed there would be plenty of this in David’s debut novel.

David Wade


David Wade is a Yorkshire-based children's author known for his whimsical tales and heartwarming characters.

With over a decade of experience in crafting stories that captivate young readers, David has become a trusted name in the world of children's literature.

Drawing on his own experiences as a parent and educator, David creates stories that teach valuable lessons while entertaining and engaging his audience. Whether he's writing about strange new worlds, brave adventurers, or magical lands, David's stories are sure to delight and inspire young readers.

When he's not writing, David enjoys spending time with his family, exploring the outdoors, and dreaming up new stories to share with the world.


The Space-Travelling Microwave is the first exciting adventure in The Incredible Adventures of Timmy, Molly, & Jack series for children aged 7-10. Follow Timmy, Molly, and Jack to the depths of the known universe and beyond. Encountering weird and wonderful aliens and strange new worlds. Will they make it back in time for school? You'll have to find out.

When Timmy’s eccentric next-door neighbour asks him to see his latest and most ground-breaking scientific invention, Timmy fears the worst. It’s not like Jack’s previous inventions have been any good. Most blew up the moment they were switched on.

So when Jack presented an old microwave with a lightbulb sticking out the top, Timmy was sure he had finally gone mad. But to his surprise, this was no ordinary microwave. It was a teleportation machine, and it was going to change everything.

Soon Timmy, along with his school friend Molly are thrust into an adventure of a life across the galaxy.


The Space Travelling Microwave was a joy to read from the get-go. It’s fast-paced, funny, and takes the reader on an incredible adventure. Jack reminded me of Doc Brown, the mad scientist from the Back to the Future franchise. Clever, clumsy, quirky, and likeable. Jack is a down-on-his-luck scientist who finally manages to succeed in what turns out to be his greatest invention. His neighbour and friend, ten-year-old Timmy, assists with many a failed invention, until that is, the Space-travelling Microwave. By chance, Timmy is joined by Molly, the Kooky girl from his class (who is also one of my favourite characters), and together, they join Jack in an adventure that sends them hurtling through space and exploring a strange and mysterious planet. David writes in a style that flows effortlessly. The characters work well together and entertain the reader as they embark on their quest. I especially loved the ending. I won’t spoil this for you, but it seamlessly opens into another exciting adventure which awaits the reader.

Thank you, David, for inviting me to review your debut novel and for gifting me a digital copy in exchange for my honest review.



When Skies Are Grey, by Fran Clark. The fourth and final book in the fantastic Island Secrets Series.

Behind the glitter of fame and fortune is a past that threatens to expose Rayna’s darkest secrets.
In the 1950s, a young West Indian girl arrives in London, eager to start a new life and quickly finds herself entangled with two powerful men. It is when she reveals her talent as a singer that the balance of power shifts and her fresh start can begin. Her success grows but so does the weight of her past.
Haunted by the promises she broke and the consequences of a day she will never forget, Rayna must make a difficult decision: continue hiding the truth or risk losing everything she has gained.
Will her life as a young girl destroy the world of the woman she has become, or will those she loves find it in their hearts to forgive her?

Until then, HaPpy Reading!

Gill x


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