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Gillian Young's Book Review: Franco and the Green Light Fairy, by Fiona Lowry.

Franco and the Green Light Fairy is a children’s picture book written by Fiona Lowry and illustrated by the late Johanna Bruyer.

Fiona Lowry, author of Franco and the Green Light Fairy


Fiona is a Scottish children’s author based in Perthshire, where she lives with her family. Having grown up in the idyllic, peaceful, and secluded countryside, her childhood was full of freedom and adventure. Fiona shares her power of positive thinking through children’s stories of encouragement, self-growth, and belief.


Meet Franco, a typical 6-year-old boy who loves everything about cars. Franco dreams of owning his own bright red Ferrari one day but how to get one...? It is not until he uncovers the mystery of the Green Light Fairy that he realises, with a bit of positive thinking, he really can make his dreams come true!


I loved this book. It’s perfect for young children, either to read for themselves or to enjoy being read to. It’s a story about a young boy named Franco who loves cars—especially Ferraris. Thanks to his mom, and the Green Light Fairy, Franco learns a valuable lesson in positive thinking. This is a sweet read and conveys the message of positive thought beautifully. The story is excellently illustrated, too, bringing the story to life with colourful images.



10th July 2024. The Incredible Adventures of Timmy, Molly and Jack, and the Space Travelling Microwave, by Dave Wade.

The Space-Travelling Microwave is the first exciting adventure in The Incredible Adventures of Timmy, Molly, & Jack series for children aged 7-10. Follow Timmy, Molly, and Jack to the depths of the known universe and beyond. Encountering weird and wonderful aliens and strange new worlds. Will they make it back in time for school? You'll have to find out.
When Timmy’s eccentric next-door neighbour asks him to see his latest and most ground-breaking scientific invention, Timmy fears the worst. It’s not like Jack’s previous inventions have been any good. Most blew up the moment they were switched on.
So when Jack presented an old microwave with a lightbulb sticking out the top, Timmy was sure he had finally gone mad. But to his surprise, this was no ordinary microwave. It was a teleportation machine, and it was going to change everything.
Soon Timmy, along with his school friend Molly are thrust into an adventure of a life across the galaxy.

See you on 10th July!

Happy reading.

Gill x

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