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Going To Print!

Poppy Loves Devon is on the way to the printers...

This morning, I received the beautiful full cover proof of book two in the Crazy Cream Adventure Series. I'd love to show you now, but I won't! Instead, here's a little teaser...

Partial book cover reveal of children's book, Poppy Loves Devon
A cheeky partial cover reveal of Poppy Loves Devon

The publication date is set for 28th June - although in the current climate it may change slightly - who knows? Some things are difficult to control, but what I can say without a doubt is that Poppy Loves Devon is on its way.

Golden retriever and a young girl on the beach in devon
Poppy on the beach - a safe distance from the sea 😄

I usually like to launch my books around Christmas but actually, the timing of this book is perfect. The story is based in glorious Devon and set in the heart of summer. I can just imagine relaxing on the beach with a copy of Poppy Loves Devon, reading about her barking at the waves and acting plan daft as she entertains everyone on the beach. Wouldn't it be wonderful to see someone reading the book while I'm in Devon this July? I'd just have to take a photo and post it on here! That someone would get to meet the leading lady and could also have a photograph taken with her if they wished. Wonderful! I know Poppy would love that too because she loves making new friends. 😁🐾


Even though Poppy Loves Devon is not released until June 28th, it is possible to pre-order a copy now. All you need to do is press this button here and it'll take you straight to the link on the publisher's website:

While Poppy Loves Devon is at the printers, I shall be starting a new project. At the moment it's still in its very early stages so I won't give anything away just yet. Once that is finished though, it'll be back to another Crazy Cream Adventure. I'm not sure where Poppy would go in that story. Maybe abroad? Can you imagine Poppy's reaction to flying in a plane or onboard an ocean liner? Or, maybe she gets lost in a thick, dense forest and the night is drawing in - and something is following her - what / who? Who knows. You'd have to read the book and find out. Now, there's a story in the making.


Until my next update, stay safe and well - and happy reading 📖

Broadsands beach, Devon
Broadsands, Torbay, Devon.

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