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Not all retrievers love the water 💦

Updated: Aug 21, 2020

Hello there, it's Poppy the crazy cream retriever here.🐾

Us dogs are a lot like you humans. By that, I mean we're all different. For example, not all Jack Russells are as laid back and loving as my cousin, Billy. Not all German shepherds are confrontational and scary. Not all dogs eat everything in sight. And, not all golden retrievers like the water.

Yes, you heard right - and I'm proof of that.


Here are some photos of my handsome brother, Duke (photos courtesy of @dukegoldenretriever). He's the perfect example of a retriever water baby. Funny how it doesn't run in the family.

And I'm afraid it's that time of year again. You guessed it, the annual summer holiday to the beach.

I did wonder, what with the lockdown, whether it would go ahead. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy our family holidays. The ice cream. The sun. The ice cream. Making new friends. The ice cream...

It's just the sea I don't like.


To watch from a safe distance is OK 👍

But as for getting any nearer...

My family, the Youngs, have tried everything; from coaxing me in with a treat to picking me up and carrying me into the sea. Other dogs have tried persuading me too but I'll have none of it. Yet, I've seen how other dogs play in the water, jumping over the waves and splashing around. I've also watched my hooman brother and sis. They look so happy, wading into the water, the waves rolling over their feet. Meanwhile, I'll stand and whine. I tremble. I growl. I edge closer. My tail wags. I'm keen - but then not so keen.

Everyone says it's a shame because I'd have such fun if only I'd give it a try.

It's like I do want to and yet I don't...


But, this year is different...

This year we have Devon. She's never seen the beach before.

Puppy Devon

I wonder what she'll make of it? I wonder if she'll be the one who, after nearly five years, succeeds in getting me to enjoy the sea? I wonder what she will make of the sand? Now, that's something I do like. Digging. I could dig in the sand ALL day.


Baby steps...

My pawrents will probably try the same tactics with Devon:

  1. Bribery with treats

  2. Bribery with toys

  3. The hoomans walk into the sea waving, splashing and saying things like: 'Come on. There's a good girl. Look - [SPLASH] - it's fun. ' - (Don't think so)

  4. Gently guiding with the lead.

  5. Gently guiding without the lead.

  6. Choosing a quiet beach.

  7. Choosing a day when the waves are not too choppy.

  8. Baby steps...

And where are we going?

We're going to a place we all love so much that my little sister was named after it.

Brixham, I can't wait to see you again.

Brixham, I can't wait for Devon to see you either😍🐾


There's just one more thing...

To my cousins, Billy and Spike and my hooman aunt and uncle. Please make sure Billy and Spike don't shred all our toys while we're away, thank you 😊😀

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