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Now What? Book Review by Gillian and the girls. 📖🐾

Now What? by Edd Williams

Today, I’m reviewing Now What? by Edd Williams.

This book is aimed mainly towards 15 – 21-year-olds embarking on one of life’s biggest decisions – What should I do after school? What is the best decision to make? Where do I start? Now What?...

To be honest, there is no age limit to this book. I think we all – from age 15 yrs onwards, can learn a lot from Now What?

I instantly thought of my children and their friends when I read the book blurb. However, I also thought about how helpful this book would have been for me when I was leaving school. It’s a tough decision, and there are so many choices out there that it can be overwhelming. I know that back when I was in my teens, I had no idea what I wanted to do. I panicked, thinking that if I didn’t make up my mind soon, it’ll be too late, and I’d end up on the scrap heap in a job I hated earning next to nothing. Looking back now, I can see the answer was practically screaming in my face; I just wasn’t listening and being true to myself.

Can anyone else relate to this? If so, then read on because this book might just be for you…


Edd Williams is a successful recruitment consultant and has many years of experience in dealing with industry, speaking to employers, looking at CVs, prepping people for interviews and helping people of all ages access the careers of their choice. He is also an academic and careers consultant, school governor, parent and regular blogger.



Now What? is a reference book and guide offering practical advice to teenagers as they approach the key decisions regarding their futures, whether it be careers, university, apprenticeships or something else. The follow-up to the No. 1 bestselling Amazon career guide, ‘Is your school lying to you?’ offers all new insights into the need for self-reliance, adaptability and entrepreneurial spark to navigate and succeed in the new, post-pandemic marketplace they’ll be entering as adults.

An honest, fresh and deliberately unacademic take on the evergreen issue of how best to advise teens on their choices free from bias and parental expectation. Now What? challenges the myth that school will take care of this and empowers students to embrace their opportunities, achieve their goals and, through self-reliance, realise their ambitions.


Whilst reading this book, I was taking screenshots and sending these to my children. Edd Williams hits the nail on the head when it comes to making career choices following school. Many of the topics he covered had recently been discussed between my children and me, and I’m sure this is the same for many others. Issues such as shall I go to University or try an apprenticeship. How do I write a personal statement? What makes a good CV? What if I don’t want to go to Uni, but the career I want asks for a degree? Is taking a gap year a good idea?

These and so many more questions are answered right here in this book. To clarify matters further, Edd Williams ends most of the chapters with an interview where others in various careers discuss their chosen path and how they came to be where they are today. Some of these people include an Architect, Art Administrator and a Financial Controller. One thing that shouted out to me whilst reading this book is that it’s OK not to have a clear picture of what career to take while at school. It’s OK to change your mind later on – it’s never too late to take that next step towards finding the right career.

To wrap up every chapter, there are a series of ‘Key Takeaways.’ These reiterate what’s been discussed and gives the reader a clearer understanding. I think this is an excellent idea because sometimes, when reading a book, you need that reminder to make sure everything that’s been read has ‘sunk in’ – well, I do anyway 🙂

This is a fantastic book. I strongly recommend all school leavers read this before embarking on the big wide world. I’ve already advised my children to read this and tell their friends about Now What?

Thank you, Edd Williams, for this really insightful and immensely helpful book. It’s even given me food for thought, and I’m 52 yrs!!

Thank you, Literally PR and Edd Williams, for my copy of Now What? in exchange for my honest review.


I’ll be back soon with another book review, Smart Career Moves for Smart Women: How to Succeed in Career Transitions, by Susan Doering.

Until then, happy reading.

Gill x

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