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Book two is ready and on its way!

After months of preparation I'm thrilled to say that my second book is ready. It's now in the hands of the publishers and should hopefully be released the beginning of next year.

final manuscript for my second middle grade children's book
All ready to go to the publishers

It's been a long and happy journey for me. I originally wrote this story back in 2006 and a lot has happened in that time as you can imagine!

The manuscript has gone through many re-writes but I've loved every minute of working through draft after draft.

This story was written well before #Poppy On Safari. It's about two very special girls called Tammy and Willow. I won't divulge too much information for now because it'll be awhile before the book hits the book shops. One thing I will reveal though is that these two wonderful border collies had such amazing personalities that a book just had to be written with them as the leading ladies.


Like Poppy on Safari, this book includes a number of my own pencil drawings . Drawing is so

relaxing. It helps clear 'the clutter' as I call it, from my mind. I've tried meditation and although I enjoyed the classes very much, I found it extremely difficult to push all thoughts from my mind. An example of this is my on-running recap of what needs to be done that day, not to mention worries that come with each and every twenty four hours. So you see, meditation, for me, was easier said than done. But, that's OK because I've found my very own form of meditation...

My own form of meditation

Drawing and writing is my meditation. The best way I can describe it is that I 'zone out' of everything around me. In my little study, my mind is fixed on the image I'm drawing or the chapter I'm writing. I'm propelled into the life I've created on the page.

The feeling I have when I've completed what I wanted to achieve for that day is wonderful. It's a real sense of achievement and excitement; excitement for having created something which hopefully will bring joy to others.

Children's Middle Grade Fiction

Book two is also a children's middle grade book, just like Poppy on Safari. I seem most comfortable writing in that genre - maybe it's because I'm really just a kid at heart?

I could sit here telling you about the book all day - I'm so excited about it; but no, I won't ruin the surprise. For now, I'll reveal that it's in the hands of the production team and what will follow is proofs on both text and cover design (which I've also created myself).

I thoroughly enjoy working with the designer on my book cover. Perhaps, if I was eighteen again, I'd choose that career path? Unfortunately, back then, in 1988 I had no idea what I wanted to do. I loved writing stories and drawing back then too. At that time I was attending Art College, but as for a chosen career, my mind was a blank.

My dream was to be an author. Back then, my favourite writers were James Herbert and Stephen King. I still enjoy reading their books and I have a huge selection in my

dining room/library. However, being an author is not an easy path to take and trust me to want that very thing! To me, it was so unobtainable that I pushed any thoughts of a writing career to the back of my mind. How I regret that now!


So, watch this space everyone.

I shall keep you updated with the process and hopefully, come next year, you'll join me in celebrating the book's release!

For now, let me give you a sneaky peak of one of the illustrations which features in the story:

border collie drawings from childrens book Tammy and Willow
Tammy and Willow (the beautiful collie girls🐾)

Speak soon

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