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Sea Haven Book Review: by Gillian Young and the girls.

Sea Haven is the latest in the Castleby series by J. M. Simpson. Set in the fictional coastal town of Castleby, the characters return in another instalment of murder, mystery and suspense. What's not to like?!

When I saw Jo's latest book appear on the list for upcoming book tours, I didn't hesitate to add my name to the many other book reviewers and bloggers out there.

Did Sea Haven live up to its expectations and prove to be a worthy successor to this favourite crime series of mine? Read on and find out ...

Thank you LiterallyPR and J M Simpson for inviting me to review Sea Haven in exchange for my honest review.

J M Simpson. Author of the Castleby Series


Jo Simpson was born in Essex but raised primarily in the West Country, enjoying a childhood in Devon and Cornwall.

Following school, Jo studied building and civil engineering at Exeter college - at the start, she was the only female on her course.

Jo obtained a degree in Building Surveying from the University of Greenwich and then went on to specialise in research in construction and development, gaining her PhD in 2001. Jo still runs a successful research consultancy and writes novels in her spare time.

Now, Jo lives in Kent with her daughters, husband and two very handsome writing ‘pawtners’ Max (who features as Brock in the series) and Merlin, both rescue Border Collies.

Jo’s debut novels are the Castleby series, set in a coastal community and largely inspired by the time she's spent in and around the UK’s coastline. Her debut novel, Sea State, was released in December 2021, and the second, Sea Change, in March 2022.

Jo is planning a new series set in the Scottish highlands.


Hollywood darling Cassie Warner is tragically killed three weeks before Christmas in a car crash on the outskirts of Castleby. Her daughter, Tabatha, narrowly survives the crash. Detective Steve Miller suspects foul play and discovers evidence confirming he is dealing with a murder enquiry.

Local crime mafiosi, Mickey and Pearl Camorra’s empire is at risk from rival gangs who plan to take over. Anxious to avoid a violent and bloody turf war Detective Miller reluctantly supports them to keep control.

Ex-soldier Foxy takes in a troubled loved one and does all he can to help, but the odds are stacked against him.

As Detective Miller investigates the crash, he discovers a broken family with a long history of neglect and abuse. Digging deeper, he is faced with five potential suspects, but who is really to blame?

Murder, obsession, intrigue and suspense continue in the fourth of the Castleby Series.

The Castleby Series


This book was gripping from the first page to the last. There's so much going on in the latest of J. M. Simpson’s Castleby series, yet despite all the different characters and their storylines, it was easy to follow. I loved the twists, turns, and emotions that resonated from every page. There was anger, grief, joy and suspense – what a combination! My favourite character, Foxy, was back. I’ve said it once and’ll say it again – we all need a Foxy in our lives! However, after reading Sea Haven, I have another favourite, Pearl. She’s amazing! I’d love to read a book where she’s the main character. She’s sharp, smart and sassy. I’ve followed the rest of this series, and I can honestly say that Sea Haven didn’t let me down – it’s way up there as one of my favourite reads this year.



21st July: The Prodigal Son, by Chris Bishop.

Wessex 893. As the kingdom is once more plagued by Viking attacks, Areham is obliged to strengthen its defences against the threat posed by a fleet of Viking longships which are rampaging along the south coast and could strike there at any time.
Meanwhile, having recognised Edward's true lineage, King Alfred fears that the boy may fall victim to every fraudster in the realm seeking to get their hands on the vast fortune he's set to inherit. Worse still, given his newly established bloodline, he could well be used by those wishing to usurp Alfred as King.
The most immediate threat to the boy, however, coes from his treacherous uncle, Edmund, who has already tried once to kill him and failed.
Edmund hides, for now, until his greed and envy lead him to strike again...


Thank you for joining me today. I hope you enjoyed reading my review of Sea Haven. If you enjoy a murder mystery, then this book is for you. Hope you'll join me again on 21st July for my next review.

Gill x

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