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The Girl Beyond Closed Doors: Book Review by Gillian Young and The Girls.

Today is our spot on the online book review tour for The Girl Beyond Closed Doors, by Jessica Taylor-Bearman. This is the third in the series and follows on from, A Girl Behind Dark Glasses and A Girl In One Room.

Thank you @literallyPR, @HashtagPress and @Jessica Taylor-Bearman for my ARC in exchange for an honest review.

Jessica Taylor-Bearman


Jessica Taylor-Bearman was born in March 1991, at Maidstone Hospital, England. She grew up in Rochester and Canterbury, Kent, where she attended Rochester Grammar School for Girls. At the age of 15, she became acutely unwell with an illness called M.E. She was diagnosed with the most severe form of M.E. and was hospitalised from 2006 - 2010. From a normal, energetic teenager with her whole life ahead of her, Jessica became bedridden, unable to speak, move and eat. During this time, a book formed in her mind, a book which would later become the best-seller, The Girl Behind Dark Glasses. When she finally regained her speech, she began writing via an audio diary.

In Jessica's 'A Girl' series, she reveals her experiences battling the M.E. Monster. She also writes a blog called The World of One Room and has a YouTube video of the same name which has reached tens of thousands of people worldwide. Since the 2018 release of A Girl Behind Dark Glasses, Jessica has remained on the best-sellers list.

A Girl Beyond Closed Doors, by Jessica Taylor-Bearman


After twelve years of being trapped in the world of one room by the M.E. Monster, Jessica's dreams start to come true. She's pregnant! But Jessica has to adjust to being a disabled mum in an inaccessible world and face the critics who doubt her abilities.

Balancing parenthood and chronic illness, expectations versus reality, Jessica discovers alternative happy endings are possible...

The Online Book Review Tour for A Girl Beyond Closed Doors


The Girl Beyond Closed Doors reveals so much and enlightens the reader about a life of battles and challenges to matters that many of us take for granted. Jessica is a fighter and in this book, her amazing personality and tenacity to persevere and adapt shines through. With her rock-solid support network of family, friends and above all her husband, Samuel, Jessica overcomes prejudices, setbacks, challenges and the ever-present M.E. Monster which is always there, ready to rear its ugly head and deal Jessica with another almighty blow. Yet, this amazing woman doesn't give in. She's a daughter, sister, wife and now a mother too. Despite everything life has thrown at her, Jessica Taylor-Bearman has battled on and refused to be defeated. Her life isn't easy. Being a new parent is tough, but being a chronically disabled mother is on a completely different level. The Girl Beyond Closed Doors puts a lot into perspective. It makes many everyday problems faced by most of us, pale in comparison. Thanks to Jessica, the reader is shown what life is like for someone confronting the M.E. Monster day in and day out. The mobility issues, accessibility problems and prejudices. This book is a window into a life many of us would not have realised. This is enlightening, moving and inspiring. Thank you Jessica for opening our eyes and revealing so much. It's no surprise that you are a best-selling author. I shall now be reading the first two books in the 'A Girl' series and I'm sure that, just like in The Girl Beyond Closed Doors, I shall learn so much.



13th December: Emma and Bob by Ágnes Horváth

You are perfect and wonderful just the way you are! And the key to your life is in your hands. Don't know what that means? You can live a joyful and full life. You can calm your emotional storms and the thoughts swirling in your head. You can find deep peace even when you are hurt or grieving. Don't know how? Let the story of Emma and Bob guide you.
Thanks to their curiousity, Emma and Bob's ordinary holiday becomes extraordinary. In addition to enjoying time at the beach, in the forest and at home, Gran explains to them 'the endless cycle of life' and the importance of self-kindness, positive thinking, listening to your heart and being present. You can learn these too, just open your mind and heart.
You'll find that even simple things like breathing, a sandcastle, half a glass of lemonade or a little flower can teach you things about yourself and life that you many have never heard before.

Happy reading.

Gill x


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