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Poppy on Safari

The first in the Crazy Cream Adventure Series.

Poppy is a crazy cream retriever - greedy and a bit spoilt, but oh-so loveable!

When her family visit a Safari Park, she's determined not to be left behind. But things don't go to plan. Instead of Poppy meeting exciting wild animals, she is left behind at a dog kennel.

Poppy panics.

What has she done wrong? Why are her beloved family leaving her? Will she ever see them again?

The other dogs tell her about Cain - the famous King of the Safari. Something of great importance has happened to him, but no one knows what that something is. Curiosity is driving the canines crazy.

Meanwhile, Poppy is desperate to escape and find her family. She persuades the others to help by promising to find out what's happened to King Cain. Once free, she begins her search only to bump into another golden retriever puppy called Harley - who's also lost and alone.

Now, Poppy's mission is not only to find her family but Harley's too and solve the mystery surrounding Cain - all whilst lost in a Safari filled with wild, wonderful, friendly and deadly animals - Can she do it?

Poppy on Safari

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