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Book Review by Gillian Young and the Girls 🐾

This week's book review: JUMP! by J G Nolan.

Gillian with the Goldie girls


This week I'm reviewing a book that's in the children's middle-grade genre but really, will also be enjoyed by football fans, those who dream big and also those who like a motivational feel-good story.

Before I start, I'd like to thank Literally PR for inviting me to join the book tour and J G Nolan for my signed copy of JUMP!

JG Nolan author of: JUMP!

JG Nolan has taught English for ten years. He works exclusively in challenging and specialist educational settings and enjoys engaging with initially reluctant readers and writers of all ages.

Before this, he was the frontman/lead guitarist to the cult Indie band Poet Dogs. His years with Poet Dogs have seen him tour with many popular bands, such as The Levellers and The Alarm.


JUMP! is Nolan's first book and has received many rave reviews. Accompanying the book are wonderful illustrations by Carina Roberts and a foreword written by none other than Joe Hart ⚽

JG Nolan lives in Shrewsbury, Shropshire, with his young family.


Robbie Blair is a talented young schoolboy who dreams of being a professional football player when he grows up. He possesses the necessary skills but, unfortunately, is also set apart from the pack by his tendency to break bones - lots of them!

When Robbie breaks his leg for the third time during an important trial, he is resigned to the grim reality that his footballing dream has come to an end. But is it really over?

"We can all learn from Robbie Blair." - Joe Hart, Celtic FC.



Whether a football fan or not, this book is a beautiful story about perseverance, dedication and believing in oneself. This is something many of us can relate to – regardless of age. Even though this book is targeted at a younger audience, readers of all ages will enjoy following Robbie Blair through the challenges he faces.

I sympathised with his mom, Mrs Blair, trying to juggle life and be there for her boy. The characters in this book are believable, relatable and perfectly relevant to the story. Each character helps drive the story to its satisfying conclusion.

There is also an element of spirituality which I particularly enjoyed. This gave JUMP! an added dimension and set it apart from other similar stories in this genre.

I’d recommend JUMP! to not only those who love football but also those who dream big and love a motivational story to make you jump up and say: ‘GO FOR IT!’

My rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐


Join me next week for my review of Sam Emony's The Old Familiar Places.


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