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Greetings. It's nice to meet you! From Poppy dog.

For those of you who don't know us, allow me to make the introductions.

I'm Poppy. I'm the cream coloured golden retriever on the right of this photo.

The little scamp next to me with the scruffy, deep golden coloured ears, is Devon. - don't let her looks deceive you. Devon may look sweet and angelic but really she can be very naughty. Only yesterday she had a widdle on our big brother's bed. But she gets away with so much because she's got 'The-Look' - you know the one. Where she rests her chin on the hooman's lap and gazes up at them with sad eyes.

This is 'The-Look' I'm talking about ...

Anyway, as much as she's a scamp, she's also very loving and I do love her very much.

I guess you can say I'm the lady and she's the scamp. We're both very different but Mom loves us equally.

Our parents - or pawrents as we like to call them - bought us from the same breeder in Worcestershire. However, Devon and I are not related.

My four-legged mum is called Wren and she's a cream golden retriever like me. My dad, Axel is a huge, bear of a dog who's won many show competitions (Yes, I'm very proud of my old man) and he is a deep reddish gold.

Devon's mom is called Scarlett. She's a deep golden colour; the same shade as Devon's ears, whereas her dad, Riley, is a pale, creamy golden retriever. I'll show you some photos of them later if you'd like?

Anyway, as you now know, I'm the good goldie whereas Devon is the naughty one.

Oh, I nearly forgot to mention...

Mom's written a book about me. I do feel very honoured. Mom has a little study upstairs which Dad calls her 'cave.' She sits in there and taps away on her laptop. Occasionally we pop up to check on her and see whether she's eating or not. If she is then - bonus! - Mom can never refuse us; especially when Devon gives her 'The-Look' and I do what she calls 'The Bunny Rabbit.'

So, what's the 'bunny rabbit'? I hear you ask.

I'll explain...

Ever since I was a pup, when I really, and I mean really, want some of what Mom's eating, I'll sit and lift up both front paws and wave them in front of her. It works like a charm. She squeals; 'Oh look, the bunny rabbit!' Then cuts me a slice of her apple, or breaks a piece of her banana (both of which are my favourites).

Mom's written a children's book about me, called: Poppy On Safari.

Since Mom wrote her book, called; POPPY ON SAFARI, we've had so much fun.

We were invited to Bewdley Primary

School to talk to the KS2 children. Mom loves talking about writing and dogs so she was in her element. Meanwhile, I had so much fuss it was wonderful! I do love children, so long as they don't make too much noise. Loud noises spook me (whereas Devon couldn't care less).

Everyone was lovely at the school and when Mom asked the children if they thought she should buy another goldie, they all shouted; 'YES!' So, a few months later, Devon came along - and my life hasn't been the same since!

We've also spent a wonderful afternoon at our local bookshop, Wyre Forest Books. Once again, Mom was in her element talking about what inspired her to write POPPY ON SAFARI and why she's always loved making up stories. As for me, well, I sat there looking pretty in my bandana, watching the children and waiting patiently for some fuss.

While Mom was signing copies of her book, a little boy asked her if she'd write another book about me. Mom said, 'Would you like me to?' to which, he nodded and said; 'Oh yes.'

Well, that did it. During the lockdown, Mom's been tapping away in her cave and she's now finished the first draft of her third book. I can't tell you too much - sworn to secrecy you see. But I think a certain little someone makes an appearance...

...I can hear Mom coming up the stairs now. She'd go ballistic if she caught me typing on her laptop - or maybe she'd faint with shock? Anyway, I'd best say goodbye for now. Thanks for tuning in.

Love, Poppy x

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