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Updated: May 26, 2022

An important delivery 📦

Special Delivery

Poppy the crazy cream retriever ran down the stairs.

Someone was ringing the doorbell.

Who was it?

Was it Nana? Nana always brings treats. Or maybe it's the delivery man from Wolftucker bringing my two week's supply of yummy dinners?

'Hang on a minute,' Poppy grunted, 'Mom's getting just as excited as me and she never gets that excited when Nana brings a Jumbone or the delivery man brings my Wolftucker.'

Poppy sat down at the foot of the stairs. She tilted her head and snorted.

What's going on?


She watched Mom open the door and, to her surprise, there stood a delivery man with three big boxes.

'Whoa! Is all that Wolftucker for me?' Poppy barked.

There was no way she was going to sit still when there were boxes and boxes of her favourite food on the doorstep. So she charged.

The man looked a bit worried. Poppy couldn't think why. But then Mom looked back over her shoulder at Poppy and raised her hand.


Poppy stood still and howled. 'OK, but hurry up. I'm hungry.' - She conveniently forgot that breakfast had been less than a hour ago.


Poppy sat down and watched the delivery man hand Mom the boxes one by one. She watched as Mom slowly lowered each box to the floor. Now, with these boxes so close to her

A golden retriever
Poppy watching and waiting

paws, she just had to investigate and have a good sniff.

She leaned over and took a deep long sniff.

What the?...


Poppy looked up at Mom and then back at the boxes.

'What's this?' She howled as Mom closed the door. 'This isn't Wolftucker. In fact, it doesn't smell like food at all.'

Poppy was a little put out by this. Three big boxes and not one of them smelt of food. How disappointing.

Yet, Mom was grinning from ear to ear. The last time she saw her this excited was when she went to see Duran Duran in concert. Poppy doubted very much that Duran Duran would be packed inside these boxes. So what the devil was inside?


'Hurry up and open them, Mom,' Poppy howled.

'Alright, alright,' Mom said, 'wait a minute.'

She dashed into the kitchen then reappeared carrying a large pair of scissors.

Poppy wagged her tail. At last all will be revealed.


Mom carefully opened the first box. She pulled out sheaves of brown packaging paper.

'That's disappointing.' Poppy grumbled. 'Fancy getting excited about paper.'

But then Mom lifted out a book. This wasn't just any book and the moment Poppy saw it her tail wagged and she threw her head back and barked, then barked again.

A golden retriever howling
Poppy howling with excitement

'It's my book!' Poppy howled as she spun around then jumped up at Mom. 'It's Poppy Loves Devon. It's here, at last! My book! My book!'

Mom laughed. 'OK Poppy, calm down,' she said, lifting the book out of Poppy's reach. 'You're covering it in slobber,' Mom said, but she was still grinning so Poppy knew she wasn't in trouble.

'Come on, I'll read you the first chapter.'

Poppy trotted after her into the living room. She leaped on the settee beside Mom and peered over her shoulder at all the pictures Mom had drawn of her.

Then, Mom began:

"Poppy, the crazy cream retriever, trotted down the hall, her tail wagging, nose twitching and stomach grumbling. What was that smell? It was delicious! By the time she reached the living room, she had recognised the tantalising tasty aroma of one of her many favourite things ...."

'Don't stop there!' Poppy howled. 'What was it? Banana? Jumbone? Wolftucker? Blueberries? Strawberry ice cream? Tell me.'

Mom smiled. 'So you want me to carry on?'

'YES!' Poppy barked, then licked the tip of Mom's nose.


So that was the scene in my house earlier today. I've already read the first three chapters to Poppy. I've told her I'll read the rest after our walk. 🐾

If you'd like to read Poppy's story too, you can pre-order your copy now from here:

Poppy Loves Devon will be available in bookshops on June 28th.

We hope you'll join us in enjoying this crazy cream retriever's new adventure, this time set in one of her favourite holiday destinations - Devon.

Happy reading 📖

Gillian x

A golden retriever with books
Poppy and copies of her new book POPPY LOVES DEVON


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