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A race through the forest 🌳🏁

Hello, it's only me, Devon the golden retriever pup 🐾

How was your day?

Poppy and I had a race through the forest. Can you guess who won?

Can you tell I had a good time???


Poppy and I are very competitive. It can be over a squeaky toy, a tennis ball, even for attention (which our family - The Youngs - give us loads of). I like to win. Whatever Poppy has, I want it.

Anyway, back to the race...


Who do you think the winner is?

Was it me, the lanky, fluffball of energy


Was it Poppy. The four year old cream superfast speedball?


Well, here's the race.

"On your marks...

Get set...


Well, there you go. Did you guess right?

What was that? Did I hear you say, "What was the prize?"

Ah, well, it was our favourite, salmon and courgette treats. And yes, winner and loser both had some! 😋

Well done Poppy 🏆

Speak soon everyone.

Take care. x

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