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And today's winner is...🥇

Hello there, it's me, Devon🐾

How are you?

It's been a beautiful and sunny day here in Worcestershire, England 🌞

We spent another fun morning around the forest. Today we met a pug, a spaniel, a Jack Russell, squirrels, butterflies, we heard buzzards and saw giant ant nests! 🐜😬

Poppy found a fresh pile of horse poo - lucky her!

I did want to bring one of my tennis balls with me (I have a lot at home) but big bro and Mom said 'No'. Shame. But I didn't mind because: We were going to the forest!


As we walked down the road, making our way towards our favourite place, Poppy and I were pushing and shoving each other, like we usually do. We're both as eager as each other to get there and we both like to be in the lead.

Sometimes we stop suddenly to sniff something interesting. That's when we hear the hoomans cuss because they nearly trip over us. - Well, it's not our fault, they should look where they're going, shouldn't they?


Anyway, once we reached the forest we discovered that it was nice and quiet. Perfect for a race.

As you probably know by now, Poppy and I love to race each other.

But, even though I have long legs, the Popster is fast 💨

When our leads were unfastened we trotted off, noses to the floor, tails wagging. We'd stop. We'd snort. We'd see something and eat it before Mom could stop us 🙊

Then, it was time for a race...


Who do you think won this time?

Super fast Popster or me, Long-legged Devon?


Mom took a video and here it is...

"On your marks.

Get set.


🏁 Did you guess right? 🏁

Yes, I am the champion! 🏆🎉

I'm going to rest now, it's been an exciting day!

Enjoy your weekend.

Devon 🐾

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