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Bobby and Bubba's Small Adventures. Book Review by Gillian Young and the girls 🐾

Gillian and the girls reading Bobby and Bubba's Small Adventures

Everyone who knows me will know that I love dogs, so much so that I've been a dog-mom for over thirty years and even write children's books about dogs - usually featuring my two golden retrievers, Poppy and Devon. So, when Literally PR got in touch asking me to take part in the book review tour for Bobby and Bubba's small adventures, I not only said yes but eagerly awaited my copy to read.

For me, dogs are angels in disguise. They bring so much joy, companionship, and comfort and bring out the caring side in our nature. I've enjoyed dog fiction all my life, from Lassie to Benji to Scooby-doo. It never gets old. Even watching TV series when growing up, it was always the dogs that held my interest, such as Freeway in Hart to Hart, Zeus and Apollo in Magnum PI, and Rebel in Champion the Wonder Horse (yes, I'm showing my age here!!)

Dogs don't need to talk. Their body language and facial expressions more than make up for this, and I think that's what makes them such a joy to write about. That side look, those doe-eyes, tell you so much more than a few simple words would do. It's hilarious just imagining what our four-legged friends would say if only they could speak.

All of this also applies to the wonderful tales of two brothers, Bobby and Bubba, two British bulldogs who live in Chelsea and also their country retreat in Warwickshire. What a wonderful life they lead! Their lives are filled with love and laughter, and we're lucky to be able to share just a piece of this in Anthony Coomb's book, Bobby and Bubba's Small Adventures.

Thank you, Literally PR and Anthony Coombs, for my copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.

Here's a short author bio, followed by the book blurb, before revealing to you all what I thought of Bobby and Bubba's Small Adventures.

Anthony Coombs, author of Bobby and Bubba's Small Adventures

Author Bio.

Anthony Coombs has previously written on political and economic topics, but Bobby and Bubba is his first children's book. He was inspired to write this by Bobby and Bubba themselves, who are his son, Alexander's dogs - Anthony is their Grandpaw 🙂

Not only is Anthony a children's author, but he is also chairman of a FTSE finance company, Director and founder of a successful Property Company, and was once a Member of Parliament for Wyre Forest from 1987 - 1997. He is a trustee of the Birmingham-based National Institute for Conductive Education and serves as a Birmingham Royal Ballet Trust board member.

Book Blurb.

"Adorable, gorgeous, amazing" - just three of the words regularly used by friends everywhere when Bobby and Bubba, of the British bulldog breed, venture onto the streets of Chelsea. The biggest celebrity cult since Made in Chelsea, Bob Marley and Roman Abramovich, the two brothers have already appeared on TV, in magazines and on their own Instagram page without letting on just how really naughty they are.

These are their little stories...written for children of all ages, particularly if you're a parent looking for a way to break the vice-like grip of the iPhone and the internet on growing minds. They're lovable, funny, poignant and even a tiny bit exciting - much like Booby and Bubba themselves. Hope you love them as much as we all do!

My Review.

What a cute pair! From the moment I saw their adorable faces on the cover, I fell in love with these two. Anthony's stories are short and sweet, with elements of humour, love, kindness and sadness. His stories also include issues such as homelessness, aggression, and jealousy, all set in the splendid and sumptuous world that Bobby and Bubba live in. These elements entwine beautifully to give a book that's both entertaining, sobering and philosophical with quotes from the greats such as Mahatma Gandhi:

Never judge the quality of life by it's speed.

The illustrations by Adam Share are a perfect addition to the stories, my favourite being on p.60, chapter 14 entitled, Bubba Learns a Lesson. The facial expressions in this picture would warm anyone’s heart. Yet, as much as I enjoyed this book, it was this chapter that concerned me. It’s a story about Bubba pushing the boundaries and showing his aggressive side. Dogs are pack animals and need to know who is top in the pecking order. When a dog shows defiance to its owner, then this is something to be addressed and not ignored. Yet, I’m uncomfortable with how this was dealt with in Bubba Learns a Lesson. Quote: thirty kilograms of bulldog was met by a fist.

Agreed, behaviour like Bubba’s should not go unchecked, but in a children’s book, I don’t think that the solution being a fist is appropriate.

Having said that, this book was a joy to read and left me hoping that one day, Bubba, Bobby and my goldie girls, Poppy and Devon’s paths will cross!

I hope Anthony plans to write more stories about this dynamic duo. If he does, then I can’t wait to read them.

My rating for Bobby and Bubba's Small Adventures


Till my next review,

Gill x


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