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The perfect children’s present this Christmas 🎄😍

So, where did 2021 go?
Is it me or are the years passing by quicker and quicker?

With Christmas fast approaching I've been thinking about gift ideas. To those who know me, it'll come as no surprise that, in my opinion, the perfect gift would be a book - a personally signed copy would be even better!


Recently, I've been approached by several people asking to buy copies of POPPY ON SAFARI and TAMMY AND WILLOW for Christmas presents. With my next book in the pipeline and hopefully ready for launch in the Spring, I thought it would be a lovely idea to offer the chance of purchasing a personally signed copy of my books as a gift for not just a book lover or dog enthusiast but anyone who loves a giggle - or a tear - over an enthralling and entertaining story.


I wanted to give something extra so as to make my books that little bit special. The idea came to me whilst looking through my treasured books...

Books are a cherished item in my household. I have bookcases filled to the brim of all titles and both paperbacks and hardbacks. A book is a work of art, from the story itself to the cover design and - if included - the illustrations.


Whenever I receive a book as a present, I always like to have it signed and dated by the person who bought it for me. It makes the book personal and special. That's why I came up with the idea of selling a limited number of signed copies of POPPY ON SAFARI and TAMMY AND WILLOW. I can, by all means, just sign my name, or include 'best wishes,' or, if the person buying the book(s) wants to make their gift, even more, personal/special then I can add whatever message they'd like such as:

To Rebecca,
Wishing you a Happy Christmas.
Enjoy your new book 😊
Best wishes,
Gillian x

This would not only be a Christmas gift of 'a book' but a book that's especially inscribed for that special someone.


POPPY ON SAFARI and TAMMY AND WILLOW are children's middle-grade books that are aimed at the 6 - 10 age range. However, anyone who loves animals - especially dogs, enjoys a story that's full of twists and turns and also tugs at the heartstrings, would love these books - regardless of the reader's age. Some of my favourite titles include Skellig, Charlotte's Webb, Moon Dog and Watership Down. All of these are classed as children's fiction, but I still love these books and I'm fifty years old!! 😄


Children's Book, Poppy on Safari
Poppy is a crazy cream golden retriever – greedy and a bit spoilt, but oh-so loveable! When her family head to a Safari Park for a fun-filled day out, she is determined not to be left behind. Poppy also wants to meet these wild and wonderful creatures which she’s heard so much about. But things don’t go according to plan when she’s left at the park’s dog kennels. Finally managing to escape, she finds herself lost in a vast safari park full of wild and dangerous animals. How will she ever find her family, especially when she hears about Cain – the King of the Safari? She trembles at the thought of coming face to face with him. If she did, then she’s certain she’d never see her family again.

When her beloved dog Tammy dies, Hannah's devastated. But Tammy is also confused. Why can't anyone see her? Why can't anyone hear her? Then, a puppy called Willow arrives and changes everything.

For only: £8.99 (inc P&P. UK only; Royal Mail) I'll sign a copy of the chosen book and include a bookmark which I've designed to accompany the story.


If you'd like a copy send me a DM or get in touch via my website with the following details:

  1. · Which book you’d like

  2. · The message you’d like written inside

  3. · Postal address

For only: £8.99 (inc P&P) UK only; Royal Mail.

Once payment has been received, I shall sign the book with your chosen message and post first class.

So as to ensure the book(s) will arrive before Christmas, the deadline for orders is Monday 6th December.

Remember, there are only a limited amount of copies available 😍



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