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Hello! I'm Devon and I'm a golden retriever puppy 🐾

"Hello there! It's nice to meet you.

Let me introduce myself...

My name is Devon. I'm a golden retriever and I'm 8 months old.

I have big, floppy golden ears (as you can see on the photo here 😀), long legs and a dark golden tail which is just beginning to fan out.

Even though I'm only a pup, I'm nearly as big as my sister, Poppy, (well, I say sister, we're from the same breeder but different parents).

I'm the youngest addition to the Young household so, even though I'm a big girl, I still get called the baby.


A lot has happened in my 8 months so far. My earliest memory is being with my mom, Scarlett and my brothers and sisters.

My mom is very beautiful and gentle. She has the darkest, reddish golden fur and loves to follow her hooman dad, James everywhere.

I'm a bit like that. I follow my big brother, Nathan everywhere and also Mom (that's my hooman brother and mother).

I do wonder what I'll be like when I reach Mom Scarlett's age. My dad is a cream retriever and - at the moment - I'm a bit like both my parents. I'm a bit dark gold and a bit cream! I guess time will tell...


January 19th 2020.

What a day that was!

After spending my first eight weeks with my mom and siblings, I met my new family, the Youngs.

The breeder, Ann, is my hooman mom's good friend. She's kept one of my sisters. Her name is Twix - isn't that a great name! I'm hoping that one day Mom will take me with her when she visits Ann. It'll be great to see my mom and sister again (I wonder if Twix is as nosy and daft as me?)

Anyway, it was all very strange on that day. It all started when a fluffy pink and white unicorn joined us puppies in the enclosure. Some of my brothers and sisters started fighting over her. Well, when I say fighting, I mean playing tug of war and making purring/growling noises. The unicorn didn't seem to mind. I think she liked the attention. Anyway, I played it cool. I curled up and pretended to be asleep.

My new mom carried me outside. Now, that was very strange. Up until then, all I knew was the puppy enclosure and the large living room with the roaring open fire. It was great running under the coffee table and shredding Ann's magazines. That room was HUGE! But, outside, well...

First I noticed it was cold - well it was January. Mum held me tight and kept me warm. I could smell all the other dogs at the lodge, but I could also smell other animals. Ponies. Sheep. Chickens...

There were fields and hedges around us as far as the eye could see. Then, there was this funny looking black thing on wheels. I've later discovered that this is called a car.

Ann and James walked me and my new parents - sorry, pawrents - to their car. Ann took a photo of us, the first of many family photos. Meanwhile, I noticed that Dad was carrying Unicorn. So it does pay to play it cool. Even though my brothers and sisters were fighting over our new furriend, it was me she went home with - Yes!

I wasn't too sure of the car. I'd never seen one before.

Well, Mom sat in the back with me and Unicorn. I must say that Unicorn seemed very calm about it all. She didn't bat an eye. So, not wanting to show myself up, I copied her. If she could be cool and calm then so could I. I curled up in Mom's arms and, once the car was moving, I fell asleep.


Coming Home.

I woke up feeling the car come to a stop. Dad got out first and opened the door for us. Before we'd stepped foot inside, I could smell Poppy. It was a comforting and familiar smell. However, I couldn't see her. First I sat on Mom's lap in the living room while Dad went upstairs. Unicorn stayed by my side, still being very cool and casual.

The next thing I knew, Dad walked back in with Nathan and Becki. These are my hooman brother and sister. Now, I'd better explain that Mom, Dad and my grandpawrents had planned mine and Unicorn's arrival weeks ago, but Nathan and Becki had no idea!

The first thing Nathan said was: 'Is she real?' Whereas Becki cried.

Meanwhile, Unicorn was still cool and calm. I don't know how she does it because by this time I couldn't contain my excitement. My tail was wagging and I was licking their hands and face. Nathan cuddled me first while Becki was stroking me softly.

Not long after, my grandpawrents came in. They gave me loads of fuss and I loved every minute. Yet, I also noticed Dad walk out of the room. There isn't much that gets past me. I'm very nosy and very sharp.

Moments later Dad walked back in with Poppy. She was pulling on her collar, snorting and spluttering. I noticed her tail swishing from side to side. She was nearly as excited as me!


I walked around the living room, having a good sniff everywhere. I found the basket of logs by the fire and started chewing it. I was enjoying myself but then I was lifted up and placed back into the middle of the room.

Poppy was walking around me, pushing her nose into my face. I was starting to get a bit tired but she was full of energy. She started jumping around and barking. This worried me a bit so I ran under the chair. Dad took Poppy and started talking softly to her while Becki coaxed me out.

I noticed unicorn sitting on the settee watching me. I think I must have shown myself up a bit. I mean, she wasn't afraid, she was settled, happy and comfy beside Mom. So, I cuddled up to Becki and enjoyed the fuss from my new brother and sister.

Poppy soon calmed down. I know what she was doing. She was telling me that she's boss and that she'd show me how to behave, what I should do and so on.

Umm...I thought, We'll see.

By now I was starting to feel really tired. It had been a very busy and eventful day. Poppy and I sniffed each other. I don't know whose tail was wagging the fastest! Unicorn didn't wag her tail though. She's one cool customer.


My first night...

My first night was very strange. I was taken to my new crate. I'd seen these before at Ann's. My mom Scarlett had one and, like her's, mine had a blanket and a few toys. The difference was, in my crate there was my new friend, Unicorn. She must have sneaked inside because I didn't see her walk in - strange that 🤔

Mom and Dad left a night light on for me. I didn't like being left alone but Unicorn was by my side and she smelled of all my brothers and sisters. This calmed me a little but, after a bit of a nap, I threw my head back and howled.

My poor family didn't get much sleep that night.

Mom got in touch with Ann and she suggested turning the radio on quietly throughout the night. This worked. It calmed me down having Unicorn with me and hearing the soft drone of a hooman voice.

After that hiccup I soon settled into my new home - that is, we, Unicorn and me. We're still together, only Unicorn is now minus a tail (I have no idea why, honest! 😉)

Poppy with her best fluffy buddy, Miss Piggy

Poppy doesn't pay much attention to Unicorn, she has her own favourite fluffy friend called Miss Piggy.

Mind you, that doesn't stop me from playing with Miss Piggy too. It's fun getting Poppy's attention and that's always guaranteed when I have her bestest fluffy buddy! It's great fun winding 'the popster' up. She may be big and bouncy, but she's a real softy. She's had Miss Piggy for a long time and there's barely a mark on her. Now that's amazing because I find it impossible not to chew, shred and rip things to pieces!


There is never a dull moment in our household - Poppy and I make sure of that. We're very different but we love each other very much. We may look ferocious when we play fight but we're friendly really. We just LOVE to play.

Anyway, that's enough from me for now. It's been lovely talking to you. I'll be back to tell you more about what I've discovered in this fascinating and fun filled world soon.

Bye for now."

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