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#IsHeHereYet: Being the Person You Want to be With. Book review by Gillian and the girls 📖🐾

Gillian and the girls reading #IsHeHereYet

Today is my turn on the book review tour for Dr Tony Ortega’s #IsHeHereYet Being the Person you Want to be With.

Firstly, thank you to Dr Tony Ortega and Literally PR for my copy in exchange for an honest review.

Having read, reviewed and enjoyed his previous book, Enlightened As Hell, I was looking forward to this tour.

Before I begin my review, though, here is a brief author bio followed by the book blurb.

Dr Tony Ortega, PSY.D.


Dr Tony Ortega is a clinical psychologist with 30 years experience and the author of multiple self-help books. His passion for helping others began at a very early age. He always knew that no matter what he did, he wanted to be of service to others. Once he knew that such a profession existed, he had a goal for his life path.

In 1992, Dr Ortega began work as a mental health professional in a residential women’s drug and alcohol rehabilitation centre. Since then, he has worked for inpatient, outpatient, residential, managed care, and private practices, including working with patients with substance abuse issues, mood disorders, severe and persistent mental illnesses, traumas, and LGBTQI+ issues. He currently serves the LGBTQI+ community from his private practice in Brooklyn, New York, combining cognitive behavioural techniques with active coaching and metaphysical principles in his work with clients.


#IsHeHereYet: Being the Person You Want to Be With is an extremely raw (and funny) look at the perceived epidemic of being single in our quest for love. It dismantles the notion that there is something that we need to do to bring in “The One.” Instead, it challenges you to be “The One” and see what shows up then. Regardless of the outcome, the end result will be the best version of you possible.

This book is geared toward single and partnered people alike. Through personal and professional accounts of real-life situations, as well as thought-expanding exercises and meditation tools, the reader will leave with a greater understanding and concept of themselves. They will be able to “date themselves” and create the space to naturally attract loving and authentic relationships.


This book truly speaks from the heart. Dr Tony Ortega gives a lot of himself in this book confessing his mistakes, lessons learned,, heartbreak and how he’s become a stronger person having experienced these challenges. Many of us will relate to what’s written in this book; regardless of gender or sexual orientation. We all experience heartbreak at some point in life and reading his book, #IsHeHereYet will give comfort and sound advice.

Every chapter is rich with advice from Tony’s experiences revealing much of the pain he felt during that time. These are accompanied by introductory quotes from people such as Jennifer Aniston, Adele and Kristin Davis. My particular favourite is from Chapter one. It’s a quote from Kelly McGillis:

“Life is a journey, and it’s about growing and changing and coming to terms with who and what you are and loving who and what you are.”

Every chapter finishes with a few Makeover Questions allowing the reader to grab their journal and ponder what was read and learned through the chapter and how that helps in their life. These questions are then followed by a series of affirmations to try during meditation – whichever way the reader prefers to do this – either accompanied with essential oils, calming music and scented candles or a few stolen quiet moments before starting the day. One such affirmation is:

“Comparing myself to others is unfair to them and to me.”

How true that is.

Points made and worth pointing out are highlighted as ‘Miracle Moments’. These are points to which the reader is encouraged to pay special attention.

I enjoyed reading #IsHeHereYet. Being the Person You Want To Be With. It’s full of good advice and positive steps forward. Thank you, Dr Tony Ortega, for sharing your experiences with us and being so honest, open and helpful.


This book is a must for anyone who’s feeling lost, hurt and in need of something to help get their life back on track.

My rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐

Join me next week for my review of Pony, by R. J. Palacio.

Until then, happy reading 🙂📖

Gill x


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