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New Book coming soon!! 📚

The Legend of Childer's Forest

Halloween will soon be upon us and with it comes horror stories, books, films and Trick n Treat. Pumpkins. Rubber spiders, bats and rats. Bowls of sweets. Parties. Tales of ghosts, zombies, monsters and vampires. Are you feeling it yet? I know I am 😁🎃

I love this time of year for so many reasons. Ghost stories and things that go bump in the night have always been something I've enjoyed. Tales that make you jump. Tales that make you think about it long afterwards. And tales with a great twist. I love the Autumn. When the leaves are turning golden brown. There's a slight chill in the air. The log fires are lit and the thick woolly jumpers come out.

So, that's why my latest book has got me even more excited. It's spooky. There are twists and turns. And it's set in a forest during autumn.

My previous books in the Crazy Cream Adventure series have been feel-good stories with a little twist. There's far too much doom and gloom in the world and I wanted to bring a little fun and adventure into our lives. However, I do also love a creepy tale. Ghost stories and ancient folklore fascinate me - as does history and what was believed in a bygone era. These things fuel the imagination and plunge the reader into a deeper world of fiction and escapism.

Yes, in my latest book, Poppy the crazy cream retriever returns and yes she's still as daft, greedy and affectionate as ever. But, do the two mix? YES! Poppy's fun character is a perfect balance to the darker forces that she faces in the forest.

The title of my new book is The Legend of Childer's Forest. It's inspired by the vast forest that lives across the road from me. It's a haven for ideas and inspiration for stories of all genres. When the sun is shining it's a place of serenity and beauty. In the foggy, darker months it's eerie and quiet. Tall shadows lurk all around. The sound of scampering and rustling. Who's that? Where did that come from? Too late, it's gone...

The forest is a place of magic, beauty and fun. I see so many people enjoying the forest too. Horse riders, cyclists, families, couples, and dog walkers. And now, it's the scene for a new book which I hope many will enjoy. A story not only set in one of the most beautiful parts of the country but a tale that's gripped with fear, adventure, empathy, suspense and humour.

Before I leave you, here are just a few photos I've taken around this forest during my daily walks with The Goldie Girls 🐾

I'll be posting more about the new book here, on my blog, so stay tuned - and happy reading. 🙂📚

The Legend of Childer's Forest coming soon!

Gill x


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