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The Logos Prophecy. Book Review by Gillian and the girls 🐾

Gillian and the girls reading The Logos Prophecy.

Today, it’s my turn on the book review tour for Martin Treanor’s, The Logos Prophecy. First, I’d like to thank LiterallyPR and Martin Treanor for my copy in exchange for an honest review.

This is the first in the Fall of Ancients Series. As the title reveals, this is a story about the many ancient mysteries of the world and how the answers are finally revealed to two chosen people, Ary and Jordan. I need to be careful here so that I don’t give too much away – but let me say that this book didn’t take me long to read. Why? Because I was hooked straight from the first page!

Here's a short author bio and book blurb, followed by my review of book one of the Fall of Ancients series, The Logos Prophecy.

Martin Treanor author of The Logos Prophecy.


Martin Treanor enjoys all things historical, archaeological and metaphysical. He has developed a strong interest in quantum physics, which he likes to introduce into his books and stories. He also has a fondness for the dark and macabre.

Martin has worked as a university technician, trade union representative, engineering tutor, lift installer, labourer, bar manager, bookseller, and writer.

Previous works include his illustrated political satire series, The Tales of Trumplethinskin, his urban fantasy novel, Hellmaw: Dark Creed – which was released as part of Ed Greenwood’s (DnD; Forgotten Realms) urban fantasy setting – and his debut novel, The Silver Mist, which was a bestseller in Amazon’s metaphysical fiction category. When he is not writing, Martin is also an artist-illustrator.

Martin, originally from Ireland, now lives in Lisbon, Portugal, with his wife Lynsey and adorable cat.

The Logos Prophecy, by Martin Treanor


Ary Long is a conspiracy theorist. Jordan Burke is a science guy – and never the twain shall meet … until, through a chance encounter and a bizarre symbol, their lives take an extraordinary turn.

Thrown together by a mysterious group and hunted by their enemies, the unlikely pair scour the globe, searching for the roots of the ancient symbol, uncovering the reality behind the existing world order and the arcane, metaphysical wisdom known as Logos.

13,000 Years of exploitation

3 months to put it right.




The Logos Prophecy throws the reader straight into the story through the eyes of Ary’s mother as a young child. Set in a village in Cambodia, we are shown how a chance encounter with a mysterious stranger leads to unimaginable consequences. Fast forward to the present day, and we follow Ary and Jordan into a fantastic adventure where they discover that all is not what it appears.

Personally, I love Ary Long. She's feisty, and energetic, inquisitive, and thirsty for answers. Her character is the perfect counterweight to Jordan Burke, a careful, cautious and steady intellectual whose beliefs don't gel with Ary's. This provides entertaining scenes where the two contrast well together.

This adventure story is full of twists and turns and packed with ancient mysteries, religions, organisations, etc. It’s fast-paced. There's never a dull moment. Every page needs to be devoured to reveal the outcome – which is not disappointing.


I really enjoyed this book. I find ancient myths and Legends fascinating, not to mention the TV programme Ancient Aliens. Many a time, I’ve wondered about the great mysteries of this planet and humankind. For someone who, like me, enjoys reading about lost civilisations, ancient pyramids, astrology and the prospect of life from outer space, all wrapped up in an adventure full of revelations, action and history, then The Logos Prophecy is for them.

After reading this, I’m looking forward to the next in the Fall of Ancients series.


Thank you, Martin Treanor and Literally PR for introducing me to the first of what I'm sure will be a brilliant series.

My rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐


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