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Gillian's Book Review: A Prayer For Junie, by Fran Clarke.

Today’s review is on Book Two in the Island Secrets Series called A Prayer For Junie. Written by Fran Clarke, this was a book I was eager to read because I’ve enjoyed all the books written by this author so far. Fran has a gift of transforming a character into a person you believe you know personally. Their persona comes to life with each turn of the page.

Fran Clark. Author of the Island Secrets Series


Fran Clark writes Women’s Fiction, both contemporary and historical. Her first novel was published by Indigo Dreams in 2014. In the same year she achieved a Distinction in her Creative Writing MA from Brunel University. In 2016 she was shortlisted for the SI Leeds Literary Prize. In Febuary 2024, her Island Secrets Book Series will be published, starting with Holding Paradise Book 1.

Originally from London, Fran moved to the English countryside with her musician husband. A musician herself, Fran teaches vocals and leads a local choir. She has two sons.

Fran also writes under the pseudonym, Rosa Temple, writing contemporary fiction and published by HQ Digital and Simon & Schuster UK.

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When a young woman’s life is in danger, it is her neighbour who steps in to protect her in a 1950s Dominican community where murder puts paid to idle gossip. Now the whole village is paying attention.

Philomena has known Junie’s abusive husband, Gregory, since they were children and has grown to fear him. On secret visits to the river, Philomena and Junie develop a strong bond that leads Junie to question Philomena’s motives.

Philomena’s trust and friendship are put to the test as she discovers how far she will go to protect her friend.

When Junie disappears, will she ever be able to let go of her memory?


‘I knew everything about the murder. Not only was I a witness, I was complicit.’

That’s what I call a captivating book opener!

Whose murder? Who was the murderer? What happened?

A Prayer For Junie is a page-turning, gripping read. It’s hard not to feel anger towards Gregory, concern for Junie and understanding towards Philomena. Here are three powerful characters who, together, make a stirring, emotional and enthralling story. The characters plunge the narrative forward and make the story deeper and action-packed in more ways than one. The captivation was in what these characters would do next. How could the tangle that had become their lives be resolved? Just like the previous book in the Island Secrets Series, A Prayer For Junie was an attention-grabbing read. Thank you, Fran Clark, for asking me to review the second in this series. I can’t wait to start reading the third, The Long Way Home.


The Book of Mysteries. Book Three: The Monster from the Depths of Time. By Maree Church.

This is the final in the trilogy and follows on from Grimstone Mansion and The Red Gemstone. This genre is a particular favourite of mine so I’m looking forward to reading this.

Here’s the bookblurb - just a taster to keep you going before I post my review:

The boys, Lizzy, and their dogs are off on another adventure following a series of clues to find a monster destined to destroy all of humankind. But their task is not an easy one. Along the way, they must overcome not only the wicked, old hag and the evil Cabal of Cortonus, but also, a series of terrifying creatures from myth and legend. Can they solve the evil wizard, Malcontent's riddles, overcome the demons in their path and find the monster in time to save the world?

Until next time, HaPpy Reading!

Gill x


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