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Children's Picture Book Review by Gillian Young : Meli and Mac Rendez-vous with a Flamingo, by Elena Joannides.

Hello Summer! 😎 and here I was, thinking Summer had passed us by, but thankfully, I was wrong 👍🏼Today's review is a perfect, colourful, summery, sun-shiny read. Meli and Mac Rendez-vous with a flamingo is a lovely picture book to be read to little ones, or alternatively, for little ones to read to us older ones. 😊

Elena Joannides, author of Meli and Mac Rendez-vous with a Flamingo.


Elena is a children’s book author. She grew up in Buckinghamshire before moving to London for her studies. Since childhood, she has been fascinated by Greek mythology and has been writing stories as far back as she can remember. Growing up bilingual, Elena has always had a genuine love of languages and a fervour for exploring new places. She is the creator of the picture book series entitled Meli & Mac, chronicling the escapades of an endearing sibling duo. The debut instalment, Meli & Mac: Rendez-Vous with a Flamingo, marks the beginning of the series with more expeditions on the horizon. Elena is passionate about encouraging children to engage with the outside world, use their imagination, and learn something new through beautifully illustrated adventures. She likes to write stories with quirky characters and to give children (and their parents!) a chuckle along the way.


Meli and Mac Book Review Tour


Adventure isn’t far away when they stumble across a lost flamingo who speaks French. Can they help Freddie find his way to the flamingo festival of the year?

Join Meli and Mac for some flamingo fun in Serendipity Forest – and use the translation guide to learn a little French along the way!


Meli and Mac is a wonderful story about a brother and sister who help Freddie the flamingo find his way to the flamingo festival. The story includes phrases in French, which are translated at the bottom of the page for useful reference. Also, there are many more translations and a recap of those mentioned in the story at the back of the book. This reminded me when my children were young and I used to read Dora the Explorer to them. Like Meli and Mac, this also included phrases and translations, but these were in Spanish instead of French. Children (and Parents!) can quickly learn the basics of a second language by reading fun and engaging stories such as Meli and Mac – as mine did with Dora the Explorer and Swiper (-no swiping!!) I loved the illustrations, too. Children will enjoy seeing these cheerful and brightly coloured images as they listen to / or read themselves, this delightful story.

Thank you @LiterallyPR and @Elena Joannides for gifting me a copy of Meli and Mac Rendez-vous with a Flamingo in exchange for my honest review.

Franco and the Green Light Fairy, written by Fiona Lowry and illustrated by Johanna Bruyer


5th July 2024 : Franco and the Green Light Fairy, by Fiona Lowry.

Meet Franco, a typical 6-year-old boy who loves everything about cars. Franco dreams of owning his own bright red Ferrari one day but how to get one...? It is not until he uncovers the mystery of the Green Light Fair that he realises, with a bit of positive thinking, that he really can make his dreams come true!

Elena Joannides


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Happy Reading!

Gill x


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